Mistakes Homeowners Make with Architectural Design programs

3d exterior modeling is a very interesting and fun process that helps to create the desired exterior image. And all this is done with the help of special programs, which we will now analyze.

3D programs are divided into 2 main groups:

– Professional.

These programs (ArchiCAD, 3DS Max, Maya) are used by experienced, professional designers.  They imply the creation of animated videos and control of all stages of work: from the frame model to the coloring of the bathroom rug. 

This program can only be applied by a person who has completed a certain course of training to work with it.  This program is beyond the power of beginners.

– Simple programs.

Basically, free and undemanding computer resources programs (Aston dizayn, PRO 100, Sweet Home 3D) can be used by any layman. 

The disadvantage of such programs is modest capabilities: the inability to save files in some formats, restriction of editing standard objects, etc.

However, “common” 3D modeling programs quite successfully cope with standard procedures: arranging furniture, calculating the cost and amount of building materials, scaling rooms, etc.

Repair using 3D technologies and using modern building materials is much faster and better than even 2 – 3 years ago. 

Moreover, this process is characterized by ease of installation, safety for human health and durability.

3D technology has taken construction technology to a whole new level. 

Now, any person, before doing repairs in his apartment, will be able to see to the smallest detail how his apartment will look after the renovation.

You can contemplate the design of housing using 3D technologies even before the start of repair and finishing work. 

Thanks to this, you can correct errors in advance and make adjustments to the repair plan and the interior.

Now let’s look at the main mistakes homeowners make in the interior.

Mistake # 1: you paint your walls too bright

The color of the paints used in the interior has the greatest impact on the indoor climate. 

Often, not knowing which color palette to choose, we are tempted to highlight one wall, for example by painting it with neon blue, orange, aquamarine, or some other vibrant color. 

Some even decide to paint the whole room with them.  However, these are shades that only look good in bars or clubs. 

At home, it is difficult to combine them with furniture and accessories,

Now in vogue, neutral colors – most often warm and cold shades of white, light beige and a combination of beige and gray. 

The usually gray walls that were in vogue 3-4 years ago (although imitation concrete is still very popular) are slowly going out of style. 

In contrast, shades of white and beige are more timeless and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

Plus they are versatile and fit most furniture and floors. 

Thanks to their light color, they can also optically enlarge the space, so they will be a good solution, especially in small apartments.

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Mistake # 2: you choose the wrong curtains for the interior

Curtains can completely transform the interior.  We often neglect this element of arrangement, choosing them hastily, without accurate measurement of the length – only so that they perform their function well and close the window. 

Meanwhile, by choosing the right curtains, we can give the apartment a more luxurious and sophisticated look. 

They must meet only one basic condition: hang as high as possible.  The location of the cornices just below the ceiling will make the room visually taller and larger. 

The length of the curtains is also critical – they should also reach and touch the floor.

Mistake # 3: you planned your lighting points incorrectly

We focus on one central light source on the ceiling. 

It seems to us that one chandelier is enough to illuminate a room.  However, we forget that lamps can play a completely different role than just light. 

They can create the entire atmosphere of the interior, divide its separate zones (for example, a lamp above the dining table), highlight some of its elements (for example, paintings, sculptures) and play a practical role (for example, a reading lamp). 

Therefore, even at the design stage, architects carefully analyze where to distribute the electrics so that the room finally finds a place for halogen spots, sconces, chandeliers, floor lamps or table lamps.

However, all mistakes can be avoided simply by contacting architectural drawing services by 3Nitro.

Therefore, feel free to contact the professionals and be confident in the end result.



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