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Complete IGO Marketing Guide with Forward-Looking Strategies for 2024

The gaming industry is on the rise, and with multiple NFT gaming projects, it has become difficult to fund them. IGO (Initial Game Offering) is a marketing strategy that helps investors raise funds for their projects.

IGOs are the best way to democratize game development. If you do the IGO marketing in the right way, you can attract a lot of investors. In this way, you will not have to depend on traditional publishers.

The IGO launchpads are a place for arranging amazing gaming apps that use NFTs as gaming rewards. The acquisition of the tokens provided by the IGO launchpad helps in gaining massive profit.

In this blog, we’re going to provide you with a complete guide about IGO marketing. We will discuss some forward-looking strategies related to it for 2024. Let’s start.

● Creating A Website

The best way to execute an IGO marketing strategy is to build your website or hold sales on another popular one. Both of these ways are helpful, but in boosting your project, it’s better to have a dedicated website where you can explain to your viewers the same.

Get in touch with the advanced Launchpad Development Company to build a sophisticated and robust launchpad-based website.

● Create Content

The created website should possess relevant content, be it in written or visual form. The content should be well crafted with the help of experienced content writers.

From the graphics point of view, they should be stunning and create an impressive impact on the audience.

The information will be conveyed via blogs/articles, webpages, social media posts, and much more. Moreover, the visuals can produce effective engagement among the clients.

● SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The creation of webpages and other published content on the website should be optimized to improve its ranking on search engine results.

Every possible thing should be applied to make the content SEO friendly. Building backlinks is also an effective technique for enhancing website content.

This strategy is very effective as it helps people know about your IGO platform.

● Building Social Media Platforms

A great project idea should be highlighted on a popular social media platform and specifically for boosting an IGO project; the compatible platforms are discord, Reddit, Telegram, medium, etc.

Building Social Media Platforms

This type of promotion is done when your project has a superior logo and possesses all the essential project details that help develop awareness.

● Using Online Forums

People, in general, have lesser information about IGO-related projects. Thus, to make them understand the project’s complexities, proper discussions are held in the chat rooms.

This helps them understand better and provides much-needed attention to capture a much wider target audience.

● Public Relations

The responsibility of PR is to create brand awareness around the IGO. It is done through paid media as it promotes the IGO on a large scale.

This helps in promoting the IGO platform adequately. Additionally, event calendars offer upgraded information about the events, offers, and rewards.

● Paid Campaigns

If the above social media techniques cannot boost the purpose they need to serve, then paid campaigns are the last resort. It includes putting advertisements on websites or blog posts.

This requires huge funding and is costlier than the other forms of marketing like SMM, e-mail, SEO, etc. However, the necessary money is gigantic, and this is a fantastic marketing strategy to let people quickly know about your IGO.

● Influencer Marketing

In this age of social media, when everybody has smartphones, it’s easier to develop and communicate with people.

Influencer marketing involves dedicated people known as social media influencers with millions of followers on their social networking platforms. They have appropriate knowledge and skills that help them perfectly convince their audience.

IGO Marketing

Hence, it’s appropriate to contact such influencers and explain your fundraising campaign to them so that they deliver the information to the target audience.

This marketing strategy may cost you a bit much, but it’s totally worth it.


To conclude it all, IGO marketing is necessary for the promotion of Initial Game Offerings. These are the games that are based on blockchain. So, the marketing has to be efficient to bring the results. The main goal of this marketing is to create a hype about the game and attract potential investors. In the information given above, we have discussed a complete guide about the strategies that you can use for IGO marketing in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How is IGO different from playing the actual game?

IGO is a lot different from playing the actual game. In IGO, you get to invest in the game before it actually launches.

What is the benefit of IGO Marketing?

IGO marketing can help you win the hearts of your target audience. If done right, it can also get you your required investors.

Is a separate website necessary for this marketing?

Not really. A separate website isn’t required for this type of marketing. You can use the game’s site for that.

What is the best medium for IGO marketing?

Social media can be the best medium for IGO marketing. You can also use IGO launchpads for that.


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