A Comprehensive Guide of Core App Dashboard 2023

In this modern era, every other thing is tech-driven, and there is a huge variety of applications to perform every other task. Developing apps for different things has become a common thing in this age, but it is not that easy to develop a responsive app because of its numerous pages. It is very difficult to handle all pages and data at the same time as the app you are developing.

Core app dashboard has brought ease to app developers by providing a dashboard for their apps to control all of their pages in a centralized space. You will be able to navigate to different pages of an app without closing and opening the other one. You will be able to enhance the user experience with a lot of ease.

In this article, we are going to give you a comprehensive guide about the core dashboard app of 2023 that will help you build responsive apps by simplifying complex processes. To know more, read this article.

What’s a Core app Dashboard?

In simple words, you can easily understand the concept of a core dashboard app by the example of a car dashboard. The car dashboard displays all the important information like the speed of the car, temperature, and the average of the car on the dashboard. It is very easy to access by the driver so that he will be able to drive the car accordingly, avoiding the risks.

What’s a Core app Dashboard

Just like that, a core app dashboard is believed to be the dashboard of an application. It provides an app with centralized controls to make its user experience tailored and make it more efficient in decision-making and app management. It will provide insights into the app to facilitate it to be more responsive.

Benefits of using Core App Dashboards

There is always a question about the advantages of using an app; you might be thinking about what the benefits of using a core dashboard app for developing a responsive app are, so we have given some advantages you will get by using it.

1.      Centralized Control Setup

To improve the efficiency of your app, you can easily control and monitor the features and functionalities of the app you are developing through a centralized platform. You will not have to jump to multiple interface pages to maintain the efficiency.

2.      Data Visualization in Real Time

One of the main advantages for an app developer is the real-time visualization of data, which will help you to be updated about the performance status and trend of data metrics. This is how you will be helped while making decisions.

3.      Improvised Productivity

Productivity is definitely increased by using this platform because you do not have to search for data by jumping to every other interface. Everything will be centralized, which will reduce the waste of time.

4.      Security

To make data accessible by only the authentic and authorized users, the core app dashboard uses robust security features like data encryption, user access controls, and audit trails. This is how the sensitive data of the app will be protected from breaches.

5.      Customization

It is very easy to customize the interface, views, layouts and metrics according to the needs of your job. Everything can be tailored according to the preferences and needs of the user.

6.      Enhanced user experience

A very enhanced and seamless user interface is provided by this dashboard app with a user-friendly interface. You can access data and information without navigating to different tabs.

7.      Notifications and Alerts

You can set notifications and alerts by setting specific thresholds and criteria so that whenever some critical changes occur, you will be informed.

8.      Analysis

Different analytical tools are provided to monitor app performance, data metrics and user behaviour.

9.      Decision-making Support

With all the analytical tools and required information and insights, it becomes very easy to make efficient decisions.

ILLA for Dashboard Apps

ILLA Cloud is a low-code platform that is used to build applications with the help of in-house tools that will reduce your cost to build apps for your business. It is a tool that is specifically developed to help application developers with the help of a dashboard app.

ILLA for Dashboard Apps

It provides AI Freemium Features to build apps. They share their AI prompts for application development through their AI communities. You can collaborate with this AI community so that your intelligence can be shared. All the members of the community will be able to learn and innovate new things together under the same platform.

The motto of this Dashboard app platform is not only developing the apps but also boasting the potential of developers to build apps by simplifying the complex process.

How to Build a Core App Dashboard Using ILLA Cloud?

  1. Open your favorite browser and open the official website of ILLA Cloud.
  2. Create an account to open a gateway for the dashboard.
  3. Click on the “Create New Project” Button.
  4. Write the name of your project and give some description of your project here.
  5. Select the project type as the “Core app Dashboard”.
  6. Design the user interface with a simple drag-and-drop process by using widgets, buttons and your brand logo.
  7. Use the no-code API from the ILLA Cloud to fetch data from different repositories very seamlessly.
  8. Access MySQL & PostgreSQL, Airtable, and Google Sheets from ILLA.
  9. Create data Automation Flow by Event Handler Act.
  10. Automate the Routine tasks with the operation automation features of ILLA Cloud.
  11. To ensure that every part of the app is working properly, use the ILLA Cloud environment to test it before its deployment.


Core app dashboard is a specific platform that is exclusively developed to make app development easier. This platform ensures that the development journey of your app is seamless and your app is responsive. To increase the functionalities of the Dashboard app, you can use ILLA Cloud, which will get you a hub of No-Code API repositories.


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