3 Tools for Effective Proofreading & Editing

Every business needs relevant content in its marketing strategies. It’s vital for achieving marketing objectives in today’s technologically advanced and web-based world of communication. It’s no longer just digital retailers that call for content, such as blogs, infographics, white papers, and eBooks. Nowadays, any business that promotes a product or service demands consistent content, like blogs posted on their website and social media platforms to acquire and retain customers.

Blogs related to your business are an efficient way to communicate and engage with your customers. Through your blogs, you can promote your products or services without being too promotional. Blogs usually combine persuasive copywriting and content writing in their articles, more often than not, the style used is more of a storytelling type to engage customers and eventually get a sale.

In today’s article, we are going to describe 3 of the most effective tools that you can use for proofreading and editing your written content. Let’s begin with…

1. Hemingway Editor

Though far from being parallel to a human proofreader, Hemingway editor can offer valuable suggestions on enhancing your overall writing style. Writers can select the recommendations they want to put in their sentences.

Apart from ease of use, this editing tool doesn’t necessitate you to have an account to edit your content. Overall, Hemingway is one of the best writing software that writers use. With it, you can ensure that you’ll publish content free of grammatical mistakes and a higher readability rating. 

As editing is crucial for better readability, consider these editing services to help you in producing content that will be up to par.

2. Ginger

Ginger is another popular proofreading and editing software that aids content writers in writing better while fixing text errors effectively. You can also utilize it to correct spelling, grammatical errors and misused words. Overall, this tool refines the content with unmatched accuracy.

As Ginger can help address a wide range of errors, non-native writers and language learners can capitalize on it the most. Remember that if you’re writing content for an online service, it’s crucial to produce error-free articles. For that reason, you should utilize these tools for quality and effective content worthy of being published.

Ranging from mistakes in syntax to punctuation errors, Ginger Grammar Checker establishes an error-free English writing. Moreover, unlike some standard free grammar check tools, this tool also gives suggestions for proper corrections.

Overall, Ginger may be proven helpful if you’re looking for another fresh set of ‘eyes’ to proofread and edit your blog.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a straightforward and commonly used application for proofreading and editing. There are over 30 million active users who have used this tool in the past years. This app isn’t precisely low-priced, but it’s proven effective in checking spelling, grammar, and proper vocabulary.

Grammarly makes the whole writing procedure less complicated through AI-based technology. After examining your content for even the smallest errors, it creates a quality and clear copy you can confidently publish. Likewise, this proofreading and editing tool can be downloaded as an extension on various platforms.

Grammarly offers the following options:

  • Browser extensions (for Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop apps for Windows and Mac
  • A full-service online app
  • An MS Office add-on for Windows
  • Google Docs integration

The price for basic suggestions is free, but advanced grammar suggestions (including tone) require a service fee:

  • Premium Version: USD$139.95 annually
  • Business Version: Plans start at USD$150 per member every year


Any business that sells products or services needs content to acquire and retain essential customers. In writing a blog for your business, there are factors to be considered, such as quality of content, readability, error-free grammar, and high engagement standards.

To make your content serve its purpose it has to be perfect and aligned with your field of business.

Fortunately, there are available helping hands online to help you in proofreading and editing your content.

Overall, proofreading and editing tools can play a role in the success of your sales and marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, increase lead generation, and higher revenue in the long run.


I am a passionate content writer and blogger. Compiling the knowledge of Information Technology to pursuing present technological solutions through the writings.

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