What is Guest Blogging in SEO? A Guide for Beginners

Guest Blogging, also known as Guest Posting, is one of the major parts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It involves you, a blog owner, posting blogs on another site to give your blog more exposure.

You do it by inputting a backlink to your own blog. The other site gets to publish that blog on their site which enables them to educate their audience in a better way.

Although it sounds simple, performing it can be really hard – especially for beginners. So, to help beginners with that, we are going to provide a comprehensive guide on what Guest Blogging actually is and how it’s done. Let’s start.

Is Guest Blogging Good for Bloggers?

As long as the blogger is critical and eager to spend time sorting– editing and enhancing– blog posts from outdoors resources, visitor blog writing can be a great resource of important web content for a blogger’s target market.

A fundamental part of editing any outside contribution is examining links within the web content. You should not include a web link unless it makes an editorial feeling.

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Have an appearance at this (or any other) post about visitor blogging and incoming advertising and marketing composed by Neil Patel. Neil knows that web links add worth to a blog post by supplying further information and additional sources.

Guest posting

To remain on the safe side, look at guest posts for high quality and ensure you link to just quality websites that add worth to the internet.

Likewise, you might routinely check your external links with a device like Screaming Frog to ensure the sites you are linking to be still readily available, not returning a 404 or redirecting to different web content.

How to Find Sites Accepting Guest Blogging as well as Outside Contributors

There are two primary means to find sites for guest blog writing:

Possibility of the web (search with Google, social media sites, mine resource listings, etc.).

Use websites that connect blog writers and authors.

Four websites that exist to connect blog owners and also publishers are defined in this message.

I have used some of them and can tell you that they are truly not as efficient and popular as I would. The majority of the blog sites are young and taken care of by webmasters who write seldom and want quality material free of cost.

Also though the fish are fairly tiny, I suggest registering with a few of the services to keep track of the deals and wait on your white whale.

There are some truly cool means to find blogs for visitor blog writing through the first method– prospecting the internet– which I will certainly cover below.

1. Look for Lists of Top Blogs.

The primary step in prospecting is fairly apparent: type an expression like “Top [specific sector] Blogs List,” i.e., “Top Personal Savings Blog List” right into Google and assess the results.

Check out all the blog sites detailed one at a time on every web page in search engine results.

Probably you will discover terrific blogs by doing this, yet just a few of them may accept visitor posts from contributors.

2. Advanced Search with Search Strings.

Google has many search strings to help you discover explicit material on the internet, which you can incorporate right into search strings.

You can discover more right here or here if you are new to this. If you look [“keyword” and “compose for us”], your results will appear like the one in the picture listed below.

Blogging composes of us browse string.png.

This search command will certainly reveal you web pages that contain the precise expressions, in this instance, pages using both “blogging” as well as “compose for us.”

This process is both basic and also complicated; there are just a handful of modifiers, yet they can be integrated into lots of various means. The only limitation is your creativity.

3. Follow Companies or people that actively Guest Blog.

Among the finest ways to find wonderful guests, blogging chances are to locate others that consistently add top-quality visitor articles to industry-related websites.

Many people and also companies share their messages via social media sites profiles. Once I encountered a Twitter profile that mostly shared their guest posts, I took care to prolong my list in a brief period substantially.

Try this search string to locate websites where a specific person or firm published a visitor message: “person name” OR “company name” “visitor message.”

Just look at this (or any other) post concerning guest blog writing and inbound marketing written by Neil Patel. There is an outside web link in virtually every paragraph.

You see, Neil knows that links add worth to an article by giving further details and additional sources. Many blog sites are young and handled by webmasters who seldom create and desire top-quality material for totally free.

Blogs List,” i.e., “Top Personal Savings Blog List,” right into Google and review the outcomes.

Similarly, for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence in specific areas, collaborating with an SEO Crewe agency can offer tailored guest blogging strategies that cater to local SEO improvements, significantly boosting visibility in targeted regions.


That’s all important you need to know about Guest Blogging as a beginner. The magic ingredient of this strategy is to find a site with high traffic and put your blog’s link on it via an article. In the information given above, we have discussed Guest Blogging in great detail. Make sure to read it out so that you can access high-quality sites and grow your blog through it.


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