What’s the Best Way to Get More Likes and Views on Social Media Posts?

If you are a social mediaholic, you must have uploaded thousands of images and videos in your social media accounts. However, most users find it difficult to get likes and views on their social media posts.

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Well, it is not about how you look or how to present yourself in the image, it is all about the ways you chose to make your post visible to thousands of social media users at the same time.  

There are so many things that can help you in getting more likes and views on your post. However, in this article we will discuss some of the most important ways that will bring likes and views to your post.

However, you must also understand that getting likes and views on the first post is not possible for everyone.

You must have heard of many cases when various social media users were able to get millions of likes and views on their first post. However, these are accidental cases, and as we say.

“Luck By Chance.” Hence, if you wish to get more likes and views on your social media posts, you understand that it might take some time for the users to notice your social media account or post, depending on the ways you choose to make it viral.

Here are some of the most common and verified ways to get more likes and views on social media posts.

·        Be Active

Just as everything needs time, it must be cared for daily. The same goes for your social media posts. There are many social media users who often stop after posting one or two posts and wait for likes and views before coming up with more content.

This is wrong! You should always be active while operating a social media account or page. You must upload a new image or video daily to get your audience engaged. At first, just one or two people would visit your post, but if you are regular, more and more social media users would begin visiting your page.

·        Keywords

Keywords play a very important role in making things viral. Even platforms like YouTube require keywords to make a video viral. A keyword is the most searched or commonly searched word by the users.

If you can identify these words, writing them in the captions or as descriptions would help you bring in more traffic to your social media post.

·        Title

You look at the title first and then at the content. Hence make sure, whenever you are uploading any post on Social Media, keep the title catchy. Add funny or sarcastic phrases to it.

If you can dare, you may also add something controversial to make it a topic for debate. A social media user would always look at your title first before going through the content.

·        Image

This point is nowhere connected to your personality or your face. However it is about the color contrasts, background, and related things that you are posting. If an image has an attractive background, social media users will love to watch it.

Always make sure that you add a clear image and not a blurred one.

Various social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Connected India, etc. allow you to add filters to your photos. If you think that the original image is dull, you can easily add a filter to it and edit it according to your needs.

·        Captions

Captions also play a major role in determining the success of social media posts. Your caption should explain the context of the post in a nutshell. It should not be boring and confusing. Always use simple yet effective words that can influence your audience and attract thousands of them at the same time.

·        Hashtags

Last but not the least, try to add hashtags to your post. A hashtag is in the form of #nameofthehashhtag. You would need to do research work for a few minutes to come up with best and viral hashtags.

You can add as many as you want. Adding the correct hashtag can make your social media post viral in a matter of minutes.


These were some of the most important ways using which you can increase the number of organic likes and views on your social media posts. Make sure you give some time for research work to identify what keywords or hashtags are viral and what people want to see. Once done, you can enjoy thousands and even millions of views on your social media posts.


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