How to turn on NFC on Android?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is one of the coolest features on your smartphone that can be used to perform tons of daily tasks quickly without spending minutes to pair it with another smartphone. In today’s article, we shall be mentioning the simple steps to turn on NFC on Android.

Follow this simple guide to turn on NFC on your Android device:

1.    Unlock your Android device and open settings.

2.    Scroll down, and you will notice ‘Connections.’ Tap on it.

3.    Various options will appear on the screen; select NFC.

4.    Now toggle the NFC option

Various uses of NFC on Android devices:

NFC on Android

NFC is quite an underrated feature and has not been utilized up to its full potential. Over the years, as the world witnessed major technological advancement, tech companies started to look out for more innovative and thoughtful ways NFC could be used. There were many articles doing rounds on the internet, questioning, does NFC drain battery? To be specific, NFC’s effects on your phone’s battery life are negligible and won’t make much difference.

Some Best Uses of NFC on Android devices:

Card payments

When switched on in the devices, NFC makes the smartphones turn into mobile terminals for accepting payments with contactless debit and credit cards.

This feature is quite useful for small business owners and service providers as it eases the whole process of payments. However, NFC isn’t equipped to allow an exchange of funds with friends and family yet.

·       Digital Keys

Various apps work as smart locks; NFC works in sync with these apps and helps to unlock homes. Hotel rooms, lockers, entrances, and much more. It can be used to store digital keys and will soon replace security cards and keys.

·       Pair speakers

Pairing your speakers and headphones is now easy with the NFC feature, where you can tap your device in the appropriate place, and voila! Pairing is done automatically. Make sure that the speakers, headphones, or earphones you will pair are equipped with NFC, without which the pairing won’t be possible.

·       Digital driving license

U.S. Transportation Security Administration was making NFC terminals at some of the airports, which will facilitate the task of checking and reading digital ID cards for the government. NFC readers are one such technology that will work in sync with digital ID cards and allow biometric authentication.


Now that you know how to turn on NFC on your smartphone, it’s time to make the most of this feature. Do you also use NFC in your daily life? Do let us know in the comment section; we would be delighted to hear.

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