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Hosting a Silent Disco Party: The Basics Explained

Did you know that there are around 22 million people who suffer from chronic annoyance due to noise pollution? In addition to this, there are around 6.5 million people who endure chronic sleep disturbance as a direct result of noise pollution, too. 

The silent disco party was born from the need to avoid noise pollution and find a way to have a social gathering without the disturbance it would usually cause. 

If you’re considering hosting a silent disco party, there are several things you need to know. Our guide will get you started! 

The Lowdown On a Silent Disco Party 

The silent disco party is a party or get-together hosted with no music playing out loud through speakers, instead, music is played to guests individually through their headphones. 

Usually, on the headphones, guests can change between different songs depending on what they want to hear. Also, they can adjust the volume levels as well as the size of the headphones. 

Don’t worry! You also don’t need a million friends to host a silent disco party, you can have one in your backyard with just a few friends! 

What Makes a Silent Disco Way Cool? 

We’ve all seen those funny clips of people dancing and gyrating to different rhythms while holding their headphones. Everything from sunset parties to sunrise yoga sessions can be a reason for having your silent disco party. 

But what makes these disco sessions so cool? 

1. No Cords And Extensions 

The great thing about silent disco headphones: they’re cordless! 

You don’t have to run the risk of people getting tangled or tripping over wires. All headphones are cordless and generally have quite a large distance between the device playing the music and the person dancing! Just make sure you have the right silent disco headphones, like these:

2. No DJ Costs

Most silent disco parties can be run (and usually are) without a DJ or one particular person in charge of the music. 

You can run the entire event through pre-loaded playlists and any device that can connect to the headsets through Bluetooth or wireless connection. 

3. Socially Acceptable And Socially Easier 

There are two social benefits to silent disco parties too! 

Since the world has suffered a global pandemic that places so much more importance on social distancing, silent disco parties give you the opportunity to party and still adhere to distancing guidelines. 

Also, social interactions at a silent disco party become much easier than trying to scream at your friend from across the bar at a traditional disco party. 

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Shhhh! It’s Time To Party! 

The most important part of hosting a successful silent disco party is the music and playlist that you put together. 

Chat with guests and friends before the event and get as many people as possible to put together different playlists based on tastes or genres. You’ll be spoiled for choice and everybody will be happy! 

We’ve got more great content in our “How to” section, so head on over! 

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