How Explainer Videos Can Help You Explode Your Business


The list of items we “need” is growing by the day, and we’re not always persuaded. That toastie maker, for example. It was entertaining for three days until we realized we needed to do less laundry.

Some of the items on this lengthy list of requirements are really helpful.

This category includes explainer videos. They’re not simply another transitory must-have; they provide long-term value and advantages for your company, as well as the flexibility that’s required as we navigate our way through this unpredictable period.

How might explainer videos benefit your company?

Like one of those wonderful toasties, explainer films bring together the many components of your brand, narrative, goods, and culture.

This is critical because it enables you to provide an in-depth and comprehensive presentation on your company and what you offer, with all of the pertinent information in one spot.

Explain videos benefit businesses by simplifying difficult concepts and converting dry information into something that engages and retains viewers.

This kind of corporate storytelling has a lot of practical uses, and explainer films may assist in a variety of situations, including:

  • video pitches;
  • customer interaction;
  • summary of corporate storytelling reports;
  • supporting the training and induction of new employees, as well as policy and product explanations;
  • advertisements, explainers, and assets that are innovative.

These are only the top of a very large iceberg, and you can learn more about some of them and see examples here.

One of the most appealing aspects of an explainer video is that it is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into precisely what you want it to be in a unique manner.

Explainer videos are then ideally positioned to convey your message, looking great on homepages, social media sites, and YouTube, and can be seen on a PC, Mac, or smartphone.

What kind of effect can a company explainer video have?

The effect of an explainer film has many flavors, similar to a dessert made up of delectable layers.

Storytelling and Explainer Video Production

The narrative, visual thought, and production provide the initial tier of impact. These are the essential components that turn your concept or message into images that are both easy to understand and captivating for viewers.

A well planned screenplay, onscreen text, a narration, artwork and animation, or actors and filmed footage, depending on the type of explainer video you select, can boost your content.

These convey your message using four communication pillars: audio, visual, animation, and onscreen text, allowing you to engage your audience regardless of whether they prefer visual, aural, or kinesthetic learning.

The graphics that an animated explainer film provides assist to increase its impact.

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The Reaction of the Public to Explainer Videos

When we talk about audiences, we’ve arrived at the second half of an explainer video’s effect.

The audience reaction to explainer films, particularly animated explainer videos, is extremely favorable after it has properly conveyed your idea.

Best explainer videos make content more interesting, memorable, and amusing, making it easier to send call-to-actions and create a lasting impression.

According to Animoto’s research, video is an efficient method to attract attention online for 85 percent of businesses.

The Evolution of Video

The video format itself adds a final element of impact.

There aren’t many formats that work equally well on a monitor at a home office or on a smartphone’s 5.8-inch screen when traveling, which adds up to a lot of screen time when you consider that 48.41% of the world’s population has a smartphone.

Explainer videos assist businesses by successfully delivering their message in each of these contexts and by bringing their message into the modern-day agora of social media.

Your explainer video will appear on your home or landing page, conveying your narrative and any calls to action with visitors, but it will also be shared with a far larger audience through YouTube.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google, with over two billion monthly hits from logged-in users.

Because your explainer video is optimized for social media and accessible on YouTube, it has a greater chance of reaching a larger audience and being shared with others who can connect to what you’re saying.




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