Instagram Real | How to use Instagram Reels for businesses?


Social media platforms play a very important role in boosting business. you can increase business lead in a short period.

Instagram is the most used social media platform in the world. Everyone is connected with a social media platform.

According to research that 55% of people use Instagram in the United States.

As the world goes digital, social media is getting more popular in every field of life.

Now your whole business is on the click. In just a few clicks, one could potentially reach one billion users. It is amazing!

The majority of your customers are indeed most likely to be on Instagram.

Research shows that a common person spends two hours daily on social media.

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms, with more than 500 million people using the app daily.A good marketing strategy could result in a surge in your business’s sales.

Instagram has introduced Reels throughout 50 countries worldwide and trying to expand in other countries. in this article we will discuss about Instagram Real.

Users across the nation are using Instagram Reels for business promotion and product marketing to generate their leads.

Using Instagram, your product gets more responses and more clients from different areas.

In this article, you’ll also learn how to grow your business using Instagram Reels.

Creating Reels might feel like an extra activity. However, if you’re doing it correctly and regularly, you will be able to establish authority within your field and reach the largest portion of your audience from a different region.

Instagram Real is the ideal platform to advertise your business, increase your brand’s reach, and create brand awareness.

Because it’s an emerging feature, it’s trendy and quickly gaining a huge following.

What is Instagram Real?

Reels are the most famous and latest feature on Instagram. It allows you to share video clips of short duration with all users on Instagram. It may be up to 60 seconds long. Real get the attention of the user and get attention towards to products.

Similar to TikTok and other social media platforms, reals editing tool, and beautiful graphics, allows users to create fun and engaging video clips.

Reels can contain multiple clips, including a picture of the product’s filters and captions, as well as stickers, which may show the quality of any business.

You can also add audio, a personal voice about the brand, edit videos and apply instant effects before uploading your Reel.

Reel videos will be displayed in your followers’ feeds. Videos are available on the Explore page for other Instagram users to view and help to increase leads.

How to use Instagram Reels for businesses?

Now you will be able to know the value of Reels for businesses. Here are unique Instagram Reels ideas to help your business create and generate more leads.

Every company like to advertise their products. It was initially called a Snapchat clone when Instagram Stories launched in 2016.

Since becoming a powerful channel for brands to grow their audience.

Here I mention some unique tips and tricks about how Instagram Reals can boost their business.

Introduce new products/items.

Reels can promote electronics, clothing, or any other product. Either you can talk about the benefits of a product or demonstrate how it works.

 You can give detailed insight into your products or services by using a combination of video and photos. Reals also explain the quality of the product practically.

Answer common questions.

Quick service also helps to grow business. If the customer has a question or facing any real problem also helps o solve the problem practically.

 Service-based businesses can make short videos that help customers solve their problems. You can talk about how to secure home if you offer security services.

Reels can show you how to make your pizza taste better in just 15 seconds if you are a pizza delivery guy. The secret sauce is what makes it so delicious. So you can use and get benefits from Reals according to your business.

Provide helpful tips/ideas

You can also share useful tips and techniques on Instagram Reels.

 This is another engaging way to use Instagram Reels to promote businesses.

These tips could be about your service or any other issues your audience may face. To help customers, you can also share funny DIY videos.

 You can help your customers with quirky DIY videos by sharing Reels through Instagram.

Suggestions for use

You can also suggest clothing and other items that work well with different quality and colors and recommend trying other similar things.

 You might also want to tell people how your unique and quality service can help them get their dream job, partner, or home.

 To show that your sweets are making friends, you can compile user-generated Reels. Be real, be creative.

Post-behind-the-scenes videos.

You can describe the quality of things or activities behind the scenes. You can also share unique and high-quality work to maintain the quality of service.

Behind-the-scenes content can add a personal touch to your business. You can also use Instagram Reels to share these videos.

You could show a view of your store or office or how your team works together to achieve goals.

Sometimes, you might even be able to share off-work Reels about family time, team lunches, or vacations.

Share exclusive deals/sales.

Reels can be used to promote your products at a discount.

 You can even team up with small businesses to offer attractive deals on their products/services.

 You can also partner with jewel shops, booksellers with gift shops, and so forth. These partnerships will help build trust with your customers and other businesses.

the current trend in the market

Instagram Reels offers a variety of ways to be trending and even viral. Trending hashtags, audio clips that are popular, and AR effects can help you get noticed by your audience.

To find the most popular content formats, use the Reels tab in the Discover tab. When you feel that a format is most appealing to your audience, then use it. This is one of the fastest, but not the easiest, ways to grow your business with Instagram Reels.

Business Promotions or Deals on.

An Instagram reel is a great way to promote any discounts or deals on the business.

You can show people a brief preview of the products you have on sale and allow them to add them to their carts and get discounts on different items. Most people are looking for a Sale or discount on the brands.

You can get as many people to your company as you want, particularly those looking for big savings, by letting them know about the Sale.

When you announce deals or promotions, make sure you include a percentage of the savings they might get. It is a good idea to include the date of your promotion so that they will know when to expect your discounts.

Brand awareness/ Brand building

Instagram Reels are a great way to build awareness about workshops, training sessions, and other events.

You can stimulate curiosity and attract new followers by giving sneak peeks at new product launches.

Instagram’s beauty is its ability to use all the Facebook paid advertising features.


You can do advertising without spending time and a lot of dollars .You can grow your Instagram followers organically.

This allows for a natural connection between your brand, your followers, and your audience from the beginning.

It’s a grassroots movement where more people follow you than you are.This organic, word-of-mouth follower growth is invaluable, especially for younger businesses.

In addition to all your efforts to grow your followers, half of the Instagrammers also follow brands!

Half the 800 million Instagram users are more likely to follow your brand because of your Instagram account.

How to create Instagram real.

User can easily create Instagram real for business it is not complicated actively. Here I will explain complete process of how to create a attractive real for business.

Step 1. Click on the camera button.

Step 2.  At the bottom of display you will see three option”Live’ story,and Real” so click on the Real.

Step 3.  After that here you see different editing option to make Real attractive.so now you can click on the any editing tool if you need.

Step 4. Here you can see four different tools are AR effects, Audio, Align, and Timer and countdown. AR effects create attraction and increase the quality of the Real. The Audio allow you to add different voice, music on your real you can also use music library of the Instagram to make real attractive. Align help to arrange objects from your previous clip before recording your next clip to make good. Speed is used for your real speed you can set your real speed. These are some advance feature of Instagram which help to create your real unique and beautiful.

Step 5. Click on the next and done. Now your real is ready.

Step 6. Click on the share, and in last click on the cover, now you can change your cover photo according to your choice and write caption.

What are Instagram Reel sizes?

Reels are like Stories, a mobile-first format that can be used on a full vertical screen. Reels should be sized at 1080×20 pixels.

Avoid blurred and low-quality pictures or video clips that cannot get the audience’s attention. If you are using a Reals camera, it will create an automatic perfect size for Instagram Reals.

Before uploading any Instagram Realise, ensure the quality of your reals and the size and dimension.


Instagram tutorials and built-in editing tools allow brands to easily create and share content to reach thousands of people already using the platform. Instagram real help to boost your business.

You can market of your products without spending money and tome. I mention some important tips which clearly describe



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