The Best Anti-Virus Software of 2021

Surfing the internet, watching videos of cute pets, and reading eBooks online may seem like a harmless and fun task. However, if you don’t have antivirus software, there may be many dangers and threats to your computer that lurk online.

Hackers use malicious software and malware to monitor your online activities. This makes it easier for them to steal people’s information. The malware used by cybercriminals can leave viruses in your computer and harm its software.

They can also leave ransomware and viruses that lock your device. The cybercriminal will ask for a ransom to give you back access to the documents.

The good news is that there are numerous antivirus software tools in the market today. This software protects your computer and secures your personal information when surfing the internet.

The software will scan any files and messages sent to you via email and check websites to protect you from malware and suspicious activities.

Today, most antivirus software tools also include VPNs, parental controls, and firewalls for an extra layer of protection. Below are the best antivirus software tools for 2021.

1. Kaspersky

This is one of the best antivirus programs in the market today. It offers you a fast-rate and highly configurable protection against malware and viruses online. It can also be configured on ten different devices.

While it may not have as many features as other software, Kaspersky’s primary focus is security. Below are the advantages of purchasing Kaspersky antivirus:

  • It has excellent anti-ransomware capabilities
  • It has configurable and fast virus scans
  • It contains one of the most potent antivirus engines
  • It operates on Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android systems
  • It can cover a maximum of 10 devices

Kaspersky is powerful and efficient against computer viruses and ransomware. It will also kill unknown and undiscovered threats immediately. If you need to recover some of the affected or lost files due to an attack, Kaspersky will also help with this.

2. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is known as the best antivirus software of 2021. It offers you solid protection against malware and other spyware viruses online. Bitdefender works on Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android operating systems.

Below are some impressive features of Bitdefender antivirus software:

  • It covers a maximum of 10 devices
  • Comes with a VPN and additional privacy tools
  • Has an anti-ransomware tool and banking protection
  • It offers you value for your money
  • Offers excellent virus and malware protection

The numerous features integrated with the antivirus software are remarkable. Even the cheapest subscription comes with top-notch protection features against malicious links and phishing campaigns.

3. Norton Antivirus

Norton offers you solid antivirus protection and comes with numerous helpful features. However, it only covers a maximum of 5 devices. It provides top-notch protection even when you purchase an entry-level product.

The antivirus software includes an intelligent firewall that helps in policing your computer system. Norton also has a well-developed website protection feature that keeps you safe while you’re browsing the internet.

Some of its standout features include a backup feature with online storage of 2GB and computer maintenance features.

The free Norton antivirus can be put on a USB. This portable USB antivirus offers your PC protection without needing to install the antivirus in your operating system. 

However, one of the disadvantages of using Norton is that it uses too much of your PC’s resources when running. This is especially true for their latest upgraded software.

4. Trend Micro Security

Trend Micro is antivirus software that offers simplified but highly effective PC malware protection. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and well-written instructions in English.

Trend Micro application’s antivirus engine is one of the highest-rated based on independent test labs evaluations.

The application’s ransomware defender feature is quite strong, and it is rated the best anti-phishing protection software. It also provides excellent protection when browsing online, helping you avoid downloading spyware or ransomware to your computer.

One of the most impressive features of Trend Micro Antivirus is the Pay Guard, which gives users a secure environment for financial transactions and online banking.

The only disadvantage of this antivirus is that it doesn’t offer as many features as some of its competitors. The application is designed for novices and beginners rather than experienced individuals.

5. Avira Antivirus

Avira is one of the best free antivirus software today. That’s because it offers better features and protection than other free versions out there. However, the Avira Pro package contains all the features you want in a modern antivirus and security application.

It has real-time malware scanning features and a well-developed defense system against viruses and ransomware. The application also comes with additional privacy tools such as its famous file shredder and a feature for software updates.

This gives you the extra malware protection and security you need.

The newly released 2021 version of the Avira software has a fresh-looking and more intelligent interface, including a free 1 GB VPN every month. These features integrate better with the software’s overall UI.

However, the biggest drawback of this application is that it doesn’t provide a good enough level of malware protection as other types of antivirus applications.

6. Avast Antivirus Software

Avast offers a pool of anti-malware features to help you protect your PC. The software comes in two versions; premium security and free antivirus tool. The features include a Wi-Fi inspector, a file shredder, and an effective firewall.

These features help you protect your PC from malware and viruses by monitoring your system for any weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The application also comes with additional malware blockers and privacy tools such as the Sensitive Data Shield feature.

This feature helps you keep sensitive files containing personal details safe.

Avast premium security gives users a higher control level during the installation process with innovative configuration features.

However, the biggest con of using Avast software is that it impacts your PC’s performance. You may notice that your system is lagging and sluggish. The application’s anti-phishing measures are also not as effective compared to other antivirus apps.

Are You Ready to Get Your Antivirus Software Today?

Choosing the ideal antivirus software for your PC can be a challenging task. This is because of the numerous features you must put into consideration.

Whether you’re looking for highly advanced software or a simple solution, ensure you settle for the best antivirus in the market. Check out the above reviews to find the best antivirus for your computer.

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