Evan Rachel Wood Net worth: A complete introduction to her life.

Celebrities are always in a hot tub because of their scandals, fan following, and net worth, fans want to know everything about their favorite celebrities, this article is about Evan Rachel Wood’s life.

Evan Rachel Wood net worth is a most asked question by her fans and followers, well in this article you will get the answer to this question, let’s explore her life first.

Early Life

Rachel Wood is a famous American actress, and model later she started her career as a musician, she was born on September 7, in the year 1987 in Raleigh North Carolina, United States.

Her father’s name is Ira David Wood he is a director, writer, and theater actor and her mother Sara Wood is an actress and an acting coach, well their marriage couldn’t sustain long.

They got divorced in 1996, later she moved to Los Angeles with her mother, she has two brothers, wood’s got her early education at home and received her high school diploma when she was 15 years old.

Personal Life

Evan Rachel was married to Jamie Bell in October 2012, together they had a son in 2013, however, their marriage can’t sustain long and they got divorced in 2014.

After few years of separation, she got engaged to her bandmate Zach Villa in January 2017 but eventually, they ended it in September 2017.

Wood’s Career


Evan started her acting career in the ’90s, she acted in several TV series including ‘American Gothic’, ‘Profiler’, ‘Bitter Blood’, ‘Doll & Em’, ‘Once and Again’, and others.

She made her first film debut appearance when she was nine years old in the film ‘Digging to China’ in 1997, she further acted in several films including, ‘Practical Magic’ 1998, ‘Thirteen’ in 2003, ‘Pretty Persuasion’ in 2005, ‘Across the Universe’ in 2007, ‘Barefoot’ in 2014, ‘Into the Forest’ in 2015.

In 2019 Evan Wood voiced for Queen character for the famous animated film Frozen series II.


Evan Rachel Wood made her career in the music industry as well, she sang many famous songs including:

  • Hold Me Tight
  • If I Fell
  • Strange Magic
  • Dear Prudence
  • It Won’t Be Long
  • Just Friends

She further recorded a song in 2012 I’d Have You Anytime, she did a music compilation for the benefit of the organization, she also performed with a duo Rebel and Basketcase.

Wood’s Net Worth

Evan Rachel Wood net worth is $8 million, she is a very famous American actress, model, and musician, she worked in many famous Tv series, and films.

Wood’s Achievements

Evan Rachel Wood received a Critics Choice Television Award for the best young performer, she was nominated in three Golden Globe Awards, and in three Primetime Emmy Awards for her work in films and television.

She received the Guild Award for her mesmerizing work and made her appearance at Bratislava International Film Festival.

Evan was nominated in 2016 for the best television actress category, though, she won IGN’s people’s choice awards for best television actress.

She was nominated for MTV Movie Awards in 2004 for best female breakthrough performance for her movie ‘Thirteen’.

She was further nominated in 2011 for Satellite Awards in the category best-supporting actress for her work in the American mini-series ‘Mildred Pierce’.

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Other Awards

  • She won Young Artist Awards in 2001 for her work in ‘Once and Again’.
  • She won the Young Hollywood Awards in 2002 and 2009.
  • She was nominated for the Women’s Image Network Awards in 2011.

Evan Rachel on Hotline

Rachel Wood was on a hotline for her statement against Marilyn Manson, she stated that Brian Warner (a.k.a Marilyn Manson) groomed me when I was a teenager and he horrifically abused me for several years.

She took Instagram to share the whole story and further added that she was brainwashed and manipulated and she is done living in this fearful world of blackmailers and toxic relationships.

He exposed him and said I stand with all the victims before he ruins more lives, in solidarity four other women stood by her by posting their abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson.

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Evan Rachel was born on September 7, 1987, she is an actress, model, and musician who worked in many famous Tv series, and films including, ‘Once and Again’, ‘Bitter Blood’, ‘Practical Magic’, ‘Barefoot’, and many others.

Rachel Wood’s net worth is $8 million, he had a son with his ex-husband Jamie Bell, she won many awards for her brilliant performance in TV and films.


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