Chinh Chu Net Worth | How Much Money Does Chinh Chu Make?

Source of WealthBusinessmen (Blackstone Group LLC)
Bith of PlaceUnited States
Born8th Apr 66 United States
spouseHà Phương
occupationFounder and Chairman of Espernet.com Inc, Philanthropist
Per Year$10 Millions
Per Month $833,333
Per Week $192,307
Per Day$27,397

Chinh Chu Net Worth in 2022

The Chinh Chu Net Worth in 2022 is around $1.1 Billions. He is earning around $10 Millions every year which means he is making $833,333 per month. 

His net worth is increasing thoroughly because of his growth in the business. Read further about Chinh Chu Lifestyle and History below! 

Chin Chu Biography

Chinh Chu is known as the world’s best Businessmen, Managing Director and CO-Chari of Blackstone Group LLC which he joined in 1990.

After finishing high school, chin chu enrolled at the University of Buffalo, from he has done BS finance in 1988.

Chinh chu found a job at Salomon Brothers in the Mergers & Acquisitions Department.

After four years working in the Salomon Brothers, he moved forward to Blackstone in 1990.

He consistently rose through ranks in the private equity firm, and working on many leading positons, which increased his wealth to a large .

Chinh Chu’s inspiring life:

Now Chinh chu is the living example of unbridled struggle and unchallenged persistence, as he rose through the social strata of poor living to the billionaire lifestyle.

His personal life is full of misfortunes, had they befallen upon anyone other than him, he would not have survived.

Chinh Chu Net Worth

Chinh Chu Net Worth

In 1975, Chu and his family had to escape the Communist occupation of Vietnam. At that time he was only 8 years old. To add insult to injury, his mother was expecting an 8 months child.

Under such an alarming situation, Chinh chu learned to deal with extreme pressure and remained to steady fast in his efforts.

They barely escaped South Vietnam in an American military plane that was taking refugees out of Vietnam.

Leaving your homeland, at too small an age as he was, isn’t a piece of cake. But bad times had taken a toll on Chin chu’s family.

They landed in Hawaii where his father had been studying. Later his family shifted to New York where he started going to school.

Coming from such a humble background and surviving in the USA wasn’t an easy thing. When he was in his college, he had to sell books to pay his educational expenses.

But he deal with all the opprobrium with an iron hand and after graduation, he entered the business field at Wall Street.

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Chin Chu’s philanthropist works:

Although there isn’t much information about how much Chinh Chu spends on humanitarian causes, there are some accounts of his love for humans and the people of his country.

Even after Chinh Chu’s Net Worth of $ 1.1 billion, he is very humble and attached to his roots. In 1999 Vietnam saw the world’s floods of the country’s history.

Several storms in the ocean caused these floods and the first flood to hit the country was in November. These floods devastated the whole landscape, particularly the central provinces.

These floods affected 1.7 million people and killed less than thousands. Moreover, Vietnam lost $ 490 million in this disaster.

Chinh Chu and his sister raised $ 20,000 and went to Vietnam to distribute food, noodles, and other edibles to the displaced people. Chu’s family founded Vietnam Relief Fund, a non-profit organization, whose main goal is to build roads and bridge infrastructure in rural areas and to bring Vietnamese doctors to the US for trainingRead more: Cam Newton Net Worth and everything you need to know about his Life

Mr. Chin Chu has been dealing following largest private-equity deals

  • the purchase of water treatment and process chemicals company Nalco from French conglomerate Suez for more than $4 billion.
  • the purchase of Celanese, a German-based chemical company, for $3.8 billion.

In his current position he has led Blackstone’s investments in Stiefel Laboratories, ReAble Therapeutics’ acquisition of DJ Orthopedics, Biomet, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Alliant, ReAble Therapeutics, Celanese, Nalco, SunGard Data Systems, Nycomed, and LIFFE.

Chinh Chu Net Worth
Chinh Chu Net Worth

He has also been involved in Blackstone’s investments in FGIC, Graham Packaging, Sirius Satellite Radio, StorageApps, Haynes International, Prime Succession/Rose Hills, Interstate Hotels, HFS and Alco Holdings.

Currently Chu serves as a Director of Alliant, BankUnited, BayView Financial, Healthmarkets, DJO Incorporated, Catalent Pharma Solutions, SunGard, Graham Packaging.

How did Chinh Chu astonish Donald Trump?

Donald Trump, being the right-wing, conservative, believing in white supremacy, had not acknowledged the name of Chinh Chu when he bought his last of the three apartments in Trump World Tower.

Donald Trump sold his penthouse in 2008 for $38.3 million. The place was located on the 89th and half of the 90th floor of the building.

It contained 16 rooms with 12 bedrooms with an area of 14, 864 square feet.

Now Chinh Chu lives in that penthouse with her wife, La Phuong, who is a Vietnamese singer and actress. She is the sister of the famous singer Cam Ly.

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