How many likes do you get on tinder for free in 2022?

What is Tinder?

Tinder is basically an online dating app. It is also called a geosocial networking application made for the people. On this app you can get a partner for online dating. You can make new friends. And there is an opportunity to meet new people.

On this app you can like or dislike other people’s profiles. If you swipe right on someone’s profile it means that you like the profile of that person. Similarly if you swipe left on the tinder it means that you dislike the profile of that person.

this is same like pikdo app which is user for getting Instagram profile , pics and stories also.

The profile of a person has three things

  • Photos of that person
  • Short Bio of that person
  • And the interests of that person written on the profile

You can also exchange messages on tinder and this will only happen if two persons swipe right. It means that both people like their profiles and tinder gives permission to chat with each other.

Tinder was first introduced to the world by the person named Sean Rad. It was first introduced in a school. In 2014, almost more than one billion daily swipes were registered there which was a record registration at that time. And also a person logged in to his profile almost 11 times a day to see new people.

Tinder has now become a most famous dating app. It has almost more than 6 million subscribers on tinder. And, also more than 75 million active users which actively logged in their profiles to see what is happening on tinder and meet new people.

In the latest 2021, tinder has recorded more than 65 billion perfect matches throughout the world. Today’s tinder is a much better version of the previous one. New features developed in tinder.

In this year tinder announced that it launched a range of mobile accessories and the name of their brand will be Tinder Made. ID verification is also launched by tinder. It helps people to search for real people instead of fake people.

Now tinder is giving away the prizes to its users as a reward for good behavior. This reward was given to the user in the form of currency.

Tinder is now a widely used app around the world. Most people want to get likes on the tinder. Because likes decide if your profile is good or not. Tinder App is now available in more than 190 countries of the world. It means almost the entire world is using this online dating app.

There are a lot of features of this app. Some of them are as follows:

  • Swipe

The very first feature of the tinder app is swiping. Swipe decides that you like or dislike the profile.

  • Messaging to People

The messaging is a very productive feature of Tinder. When the user finds its match then he or she can message the match found on Tinder.

  • Video Chat

The video chat feature is also launched by Tinder in the app. So, the match users can video chat with each other on the app.

  • Instagram Feature

This feature shows the Instagram profile of the user’s match. These above are some main features of the Tinder App

About Tinder Credit: sketchappsources.com

How to get likes on Tinder?

This is a very interesting and hot topic nowadays about how to get likes on Tinder. It is very simple to get likes on Tinder. You have to follow some points to get likes. People want to get more matches on Tinder. So follow the instructions below to get more likes:

  • Make your Bio simple. Do not add everything in the Bio. Add a few words only that show your reality.
  • You have to show your personality through your pictures. So, your pictures should be great. Make attractive pictures of yours.
  • You have to avoid posting group photos.
  • Also highlights the best qualities of yours.


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How Many Likes Do You Get on Tinder?

Tinder has some policy of getting likes in 12 hours. It does not allow you to swipe forever. There is a limit of giving likes in 12 hours’ time period.

At the start people got 120 likes in the maximum 12 hours and now Tinder reduced it to 100. For some users it reduced the limit below 100 likes.

So, if you are a person who is getting more than 50 likes in one day or in 12 hours and at the same time a person is not swiping and he feels guilty in swiping then he may get very less likes on Tinder. So, likes always vary from person to person.

Tinder’s Matching Flow Credit: cleveroad.com

Bypass Method to Get Likes on Tinder

To get unlimited likes on Tinder people claim and you can hack your profile. By doing this people get unlimited free likes on Tinder. But now Tinder has stopped this method. But for some people it works for a shorter period of time. Now not any hack works to get likes on Tinder.

Now there is only one way to get real likes on Tinder if the person bought Tinder upgrades, Tinder Plus and the last one Tinder Gold.

There are two versions of Tinder App

  • The one is Paid Version of Tinder
  • The other is Free Version of Tinder

Paid Version of Tinder

Paid Version of Tinder is better than the free version of Tinder as the people get more likes on it. The paid version shows the person’s profile to more people on Tinder. So, ultimately your likes will be increased when more people will see your profile.

If this does not happen, it means that your profile is not good. So make your profile better and then show it to the other people. If you show a bad profile to the people then you do not get more matches.

Free Version of Tinder

The free version of Tinder also helps to get matches according to their profiles. Most people are not satisfied by the free version of Tinder although the paid version does not help people to get matches. Matches can only be obtained by making your profile according to the needs of the people. So, keep changing your photos on Tinder.

Also, you can start running your photos through the photofeeler app which helps you to make them good and tells you what you can change in the photo.

So, by changing your photos the match rate of yours will increase. And you get more likes on your photos.

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