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10 Most Iconic Movies You Should Watch This Christmas

Christmas is just round the corner and you all might be preparing for the parties that you would be throwing at your house! Planning for the food, snacks, gifts, and fairy lights is all good but this Christmas, you can plan for a big show night as well.

Since the pandemic, there has been a complete shutdown in cinemas and none of your friends would have watched the films with friends. This year, you can call your friends for Christmas to stay and can ask them to stay at your home.

And with the pop-corns by your side, you all can enjoy some fantastic movies together.

The days are round the corner when everyone starts to glow with happiness and winter. The upcoming holidays’ vibes and easy-breezy couch show marathon are definitely going to get you excited like never before.
Many of the movies that we are going to mention on the list are not relatively recent. You can say that most of them are Christmas Classics. If you are not able to locate them on your favorite movie streaming platforms, you shouldn’t worry. A good old-fashioned visit to sites like the pirate bay can help you download almost all the movies that we have mentioned in the article. 

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10 of the Most Iconic Movies to Watch this Christmas 2021:

After a good long pandemic year, people can now freely celebrate the festival of their choice and can have fun with their loved ones.

From rom-coms to funny and horror, the Christmas theatre night marathon can make you go feel fresh. Since Netflix is here as well, you can enjoy some best Christmas pictures of all time featuring old, new, classic, and even modern as well.

From the heartwarming yet comedy ‘Home-Alone’ to the horror-thriller ‘Black Christmas’, here you will find a collection of 10 great cinema pictures to watch.

Home Alone – 1990:

One of the finest family-comedy movies since the 90s – Home Alone is the classic definition of laughter and emotions. Taking you into the roller coaster of excitement and reaction, this motion picture is truly evergreen and can make you feel like a child again.

Kevin against the thieves is a proper mood and you are surely going to enjoy this power-packed performance once again!

The Holiday – 2006:

Dive into the stream of romance and comedy by watching the pure beauty of ‘The Holiday’ starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz in major leads. Two girls belonging to two different countries swap their homes on holidays to run away from their toxic relationships.

But life takes a turn when they fall in love with two local boys – a heartwarming film to watch this Christmas.

A Christmas Story – 1983:

Always a family favorite because you get to laugh, until the belly hurts. A Christmas Story is the picture based on the humorous writings of Jean Shepherd. Following the wintery exploration of a kid Ralphie Parker played by Peter Billingsley, this flick portrays a fun life of a kid.

Also, this motion picture will give you some great ideas for the mens Christmas jackets that you could carry to the upcoming parties!

The Santa Clause – 1994:

Another comedy classic on the list – this moving picture demonstrates the life of Scott who unknowingly agreed to become the next Santa Claus. And now the real case is to deal with the former wife who is quite suspicious about his activities.

While keeping his activities hidden, he has to serve as the next Santa Claus, what happens next? Watch the picture show to find the answer.

It’s A Wonderful Life – 1946:

Released back in 1946, this Christmas fantasy is forever a favorite. Gaining a separate fan base, this black and white film revolves around George Bailey who is a businessman yet suicidal.

However, the change comes in his life when an angel named Clarence is sent to him so he could gain some help. With a beautiful poster and captivating cast, this picture is an evergreen classic of all times.  

Elf – 2003:

If you are someone who enjoys comedy films and wants to have a good laugh then this movie is for you. A comedy-family picture reflecting the life of Buddy who is a normal human but has been raised among the elves at the North Pole.

However, when he discovers that he isn’t an elf and belongs to a human, he travels to New York to search for his real father.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – 1993:

Fantasy drama animated picture, Nightmare before Christmas is a story by Tim Burton narrating the life of Jack Skellington who is an individual from Halloween Town. To find out what happens further, watch the movie this Christmas night with your friends.

Nightmare Before Christmas costumes are also popular among the fashionistas and are carried by them in Halloween parties.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – 2005:

The all-time favorite, the snowy and emotional Narnia – this motion picture depicts the life of Lucy and her siblings who have left their hometown due to the war. While playing hide and seek at the house of their caretaker,

Lucy finds a mysterious wardrobe that takes her to the magical world of Narnia. Who is Aslan and how Lucy and her siblings fight the evil witch, you need to find this out on Christmas night!

Christmas Evil – 1980:

Our list has also got some creepy and horror flicks for you and Christmas Evil is one of them. Based on the genre of horror and slasher, this picture shows the life of a toymaker who deals with Christmas toys suffers a mental hit and his work meets the evil cynicism. T

hings get spine-chilling when a murder happens in the storyline, watch the movie at your risk!   

Krampus – 2015:

Another horror comedy on our list is Krampus that released in 2015. The picture is portraying the life of Max Engel who is quite disturbed by how his family functions.

He feels done with the constant quarrels that keep happening in the house. Slowly, Max loses his interest to celebrate Christmas and this will wake the Krampus who is a creepy demon!


You would surely not like to spend your precious time finding the all-time loved Christmas movies so we have got you this definitive list. These big-screen pictures are fairly going to help you in refreshing the mind as they are amazing and sofa-gluing movies.

You can watch these films while having a Christmas flick marathon with your friends and family.


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