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How to Lower Ping in Fortnite

You’re going to stand a better chance of winning Fortnite if you have a low Ping. Hence, better go to this website and test your Ping right away.

If it is more than 50, then better go do some things to lower it. There are quite a few ways regarding how to lower ping in Fortnite so you would raise your self-confidence in this game. When you enjoy doing something, you should do it as much as possible until you find out the next thing that you enjoy.

Here are quite a few things that would make you lower ping in Fortnite:

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Use an Ethernet Cable

When you are located near the computer then you can just use an Ethernet cable to get connected to the router. Make sure the cable is ultimately new so that you can say that you tried so hard doing things that you were born to do.

After all, you can never tell what is going to go down when you choose an old and used Ethernet cable.

Move Closer to Router

You must know where the router is and you should do everything in your power to move close to it. In fact, doing it in such a way that would make you feel proud of what you are doing would make the entire experience of playing Fortnite a wonderful one.

After all, you will want to enjoy each second of doing it. It is possible you will need to rearrange the tables before you can get there. You need to admit all these lifting chairs and tables will make you lose weight.

Upgrade Router

According to this website, you would want to take a long look at your router and realize the number of years that you’ve been using it. It is no secret it would be time for an upgrade and this decision will come back and haunt you for a pretty long time.

Besides, it is such a blessing in disguise for you to have the budget to buy a new router. Don’t forget to check out all the reviews so you would know what to expect from each one.

Temporarily Disable Updates

These annoying updates carry a lot of bandwidth and they show up when you least expect them to. Don’t worry though because you can actually close these updates for the time being.

There will come a time when you would need these updates so put them back on when you don’t feel like playing the game anymore.

You can bet that would happen at a time when you played Fortnite for hundreds of hours already. That would be alright as long as you enjoyed every single second of it.

After doing one or more of the wise strategies above, you would want to know whether they worked or not.

Thus, better to go back to Device Tests in order to find out if it happened. When that happens, you know you can do a lot more if it is still not reaching zero.


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