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How to Plan a Great Outdoor Event

Outdoor events are all the rage, especially with the ongoing pandemic. Apart from decreasing the risk of infection and enabling social distancing, there are many other benefits to holding your event outdoors:

it often makes it possible to host a lot more people, there is no risk of damage to a building, and if the weather cooperates it can be extremely pleasant.

However, as with every event management events, you need a few things in place to make sure it all goes smoothly. Here are some tips to help you organize the best outdoor event possible.

Remember to soundproof your venue

Unless you are holding your Outdoor events in an extremely remote location, chances are that you will be legally required to monitor and manage noise levels.

Even if this is not a legal requirement in your area, soundproofing your outdoor event will avoid complaints from nearby residents, which would be bad for business!

Thankfully, you don’t need to hire a soundproof marquee, which would make your event less safe from the point of view of Covid infections; you can install soundproofing walls instead around the edge of your venue.

The absence of a ceiling will also avoid echo and therefore improve the acoustic quality of your event.

Make sure there is enough parking

When you are organizing an event outside, it can be tempting to reserve every square meter of available space for the event itself.

However, realistically you need to make sure that you leave enough space free for people to park their cars, and don’t forget that your guests are much less likely to use public transportation during a pandemic than they would be otherwise.

If the ground at your venue is uneven or prone to becoming boggy, keep in mind the benefits of temporary flooring.

A sturdy floor covering such as a set of ground reinforcement grids will make your outdoor parking space safe and easy to use, and it may well be a way of maximizing your usable space so you can keep as much of it as possible free for the event itself.

Have a plan B for bad weather

Even though you don’t need to hire a marquee from the point of view of soundproofing, it might be a good idea to have one on standby anyway in case the weather is too wet to enable an open-air event to go ahead.

If the weather is dry but cold, use some patio heaters—these could be electric ones, gas ones or solid fuel ones. The most practical and inexpensive solution would probably be to use electric heaters.

which are also the most environmentally friendly, although it might be more efficient and cost-effective to use gas heaters if your venue is very large.

If you decide to use electric heaters, make sure to choose a model which is insulated against the elements, so that your space will continue to be safe in the event of rain or snow.

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