Physical vs Digital Marketing: What Are They and How are They Used

Marketing is easily one of the most important elements of any business. After all, marketing is the tool through which customers are brought to the business and, as a result,

the catalyst through which all profits are made. Among marketing techniques, there are two particular styles that are far better known than any others.

Physical and digital marketing are often described at odds with one another since one deals with the physical world and the other deals with the digital. This article aims to examine both and consider the advantages of combining them.

Physical Marketing

The realm of physical marketing is, unsurprisingly, concerned with the physical world first and foremost. Some of the best techniques available in physical marketing make use of human quirks, both psychological and societal.

Billboards & Banner Marketing. One of the most common and effective forms of physical marketing is performed through the use of large-format marketing like billboards and banners.

These massive adverts are printed by a printing business and are strategically placed in areas where people will almost have to see them. Busy roads, traffic lights, big busses, these are all good locations for such adverts to be deployed.

Guerrilla Marketing. On top of that, guerrilla marketing attempts to surprise potential customers into remembering your business. By placing adverts where people don’t expect to see them, the hope is that they will stick more firmly in potential customers’ memory as a result.

Digital Marketing

Similarly, digital marketing is entirely focused on the power of the digital world when it comes to marketing. One of the most important things you can do to help prep for a digital marketing campaign is to ensure that you have developed a powerful website and strong web presence so that the techniques applied are not wasted by your website’s lack of presence.

Social Media Marketing. The major strength of social media marketing is that it connects you, on a near personal level, with an enormous potential market.

The size of the social media market is so much larger than any single physical area that it is almost laughable, and that is why social media marketing has such a potential for effectiveness.

By building a strong following and directing them towards your website, you create so much more business for your company than physical marketing ever could.

Search Engine Optimization. What’s more, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) allows you to further ensure that customers find your business, rather than someone else’s, when searching for specific terms that are relevant to your company.

This itself boosts your customer conversion rate, but when combined with the boost in traffic from social media marketing, the results can be truly spectacular.

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Bringing the Styles Together

Finally, by bringing these two techniques together, you can make use of both the physical and digital worlds of marketing, and that combination is as effective as it is powerful.

After all, the strengths of each technique counter the weaknesses of the other almost perfectly. Where digital marketing fails to account for the real world, physical marketing covers for it, and vice versa.

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