How is SEO and More Powerful Media in Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we all know about this. But few people know the actual value of SEO. That’s why you’re reading this article to understand the real power of SEO and How using SEO can make Fast Growth in your Website. 

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SEO is a part of Digital Marketing. It’s the most popular and powerful marketing way to get in front of your targeted customers without any investment. Most Digital Marketers prefer SEO because they know it’s a one-time effort to Rank your Website using SEO, and then Everything will be done on Automation. 

This article will cover in-depth details about SEO and Why it is the most powerful marketing way in Digital marketing.

So let’s begin!

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

It is a Technique or a Marketing way to get Infront of your Targeted Customers using Web pages. With the help of this technique, you can Rank any web page in Google’s first position.

As you know, everyone who creates websites ranks on Google first position. For making this happen, SEO is the Best Way to rank without any money investment. Overall, it’s an Organic way to get Infront of the Audience by using web pages.

If you want to rank your Website, SEO is the most powerful and effective way to stay in the First position for a long time on Google. But to apply SEO techniques, you need to be Fulfilled with SEO factors or Requirements in your web page so that you’re eligible to implement SEO and rank your Website. 

You know 14billion Searches happen on Google Every month then. You can imagine the amount of traffic you’ll get after Rank on google’s first position. This is the Most Effective and Cost friendly Way to Market your Business. 

SEO is a combination of two Processes, i.e., On-page and Off-Page SEO. Let’s discuss these two Processes.

On-Page SEO: In on-page SEO, you need to manually change your Website so that all requirements will be fulfilled. It’s a Process you need to fulfill some requirements so that your on-page SEO will be implemented in your web pages. 

These are some major factors in on-page SEO:

● Relevant Content Creation

● Your Web page speed must be Optimised

● You need to target specific keywords and implement them in your content

Off-Page SEO: On the other side, Off-Page SEO is also important for Better ranking. Off-Page so we can call technical things you need to do in your web pages. Off-Page SEO helps you to do marketing of your web pages. It would help if you did these things for Off-Page SEO:

Email Marketing 

Social Media Marketing

● Link Building

SEO is a combination of both on-page and Off-Page SEO. When any website Fulfills both Requirements, then it’s a Complete SEO-optimized website.

How Does SEO Work on Web Pages?

Let’s discuss how SEO works on Web pages. So, if you want to rank your Website using SEO Optimization, you should first understand that Google allows you to rank those websites that have fulfilled ranking Requirements.

And Google is using Software’s to check billions of websites and their ranking Requirements. If it matches with Google Requirements, you’re eligible to rank your Website on Google’s 1st page. So you need to fulfill all requirements in your web page that you want to Rank.

And it’s not tough, you need to do some in-depth analysis, and you’ll understand exactly what you need to add or change to your web page to make your Website rank able.

You need to figure out the things that a Web page Required to be eligible for Ranking on Google!

● Website Name and URL

● It’s Page Content

● Some Meta Tags

● It’s Interface or Structured

● Usability

● Design 

These are some most important factors in a web page that allows you to implement SEO in your web page. So if you think, when you Fulfill your Requirements, then how SEO picks your Website and Ranks on Google. Then you need to understand the Process of Optimization. 

It’s a complete Cycle of SEO Implementation:

● Crawling

● Indexing

● Search Work

● Algorithms

Let’s discuss in-depth Details about each Process!

#1 Crawling: In this first step of SEO Optimization, we can call Crawling a Bot. Its main work is to Crawl Web pages, and it’s inside content.

This process is not done daily. That’s why web page owners make sure they are ready with their Articles with SEO requirements before the crawl happens. So that after crawling, they process their content Selected for SEO Optimization.

This is a Search Engine Software’s to crawl web pages that can be Optimized for better Ranking on Google.

#2 Indexing: After Crawling web pages, now it’s time to switch to the next Process, i.e., Indexing. In this Process, this Software stores a complete index page in their Database system.

These tools are so Advanced, so make sure That your complete Website is well optimized and easy to read page content before going to the second stage. 

#3 Search Work

It’s time to run a search engine, meaning after crawling and Store index data. So, we can say that Search work can help measure relevance. So, it’s all about relevancy. When this process starts, billions of Articles search and Find if its content inside is relevant or not with the Topic they’ve taken.

So if you want to Rank your web page, then make sure your inside content must match with outside headings. And if your content is relevant, then you’re eligible to rank your Website on Google.

#4 Algorithms

This is the most important part of the Process because Everything relies on Google Algorithms. Google will already introduce these algorithms so that web pages owners do changes in their web pages according to the google requirements to rank on Google.

Google algorithms focus on three main factors on the web page – on-site, off-site & Whole-site algorithms. So if you’re someone who has basic knowledge of Doing these three things on your web page, then Google algorithm can shortlist your web page and let you rank on Google. 

If you understand this Process, then after optimizing your web page, you can showcase your Website as ready to rank on google.

And when Google runs its Process and analyzes your web pages – if these bots view all requirements they’re looking for; then you’re eligible to do SEO Optimization and Rank on Google.

Some major factors that algorithms follow: If you follow these factors, you can rank your web pages.

So, these are all major factors in algorithms – Web page content relevancy, Meta Tags, Title Tags, Links / URL, Keyword Density, and many more factors that show web pages as a great web page to show in Infront of billions of people.

That’s why you see ranking on Google because those web pages follow all major factors and Fulfill all algorithms Requirements so that google allows pages to Rank on Google.

Top 3 Reasons to Understand Why SEO is the most powerful marketing way in Digital Marketing.

#1 Millions of People Search Every second on Google 

Millions of traffic come for any product, information, or review we search on Google every second. That’s why your Website needs to be Infront of these Millions of People. For this, you need to do SEO and rank your Website in Google’s first position. 

#2 A lot of People Ignore Ads

Marketing is necessary, but sometimes, we love to use organic ways like – read any articles Google Recommended. It would help if you noticed that we never read the article who’s left sideshow Ads Sign.

Organic is also necessary, and that’s why by doing SEO optimization, you can get organic traffic.

#3 Companies using SEO

Suppose companies know that Google has Millions of traffic. Why don’t they want to do marketing on Google and the most effective way to do marketing on Google, i.e., SEO it’s cost-effective and Results-oriented.

SEO in Digital Marketing

Well, if you want to see the difference between SEO and Digital Marketing, there’s nothing like a big difference. Both have the same purpose, i.e., to do the Marketing and Get In Front of the Right audiences. So, customers can take the desired actions.

But SEO is a completely organic way to do Marketing, and with the help of SEO, you can market your business without any cost for a long time.

In digital marketing, you need to use all social media platforms to get in front of your customers, but in SEO, you’ve only a single but most powerful way, i.e., Google First Page.

If you can complete SEO optimization and rank your Website on google’s first position, then your marketing is done for free, and you’ll get tons of traffic on your Website. That’s why In digital marketing, SEO is the most powerful marketing method to do.

With the help of SEO, you can bring organic traffic to your Website. It’s a One-time effort Process and gives you long time results. It’s a must-have marketing method that most people use now.

There are billions of websites on Google, and I’m sure that each Website wants to Rank in Google first position.

Still, at each keyword, only the top 10 websites Fulfilled the Google Requirements and Optimized their Website to get Ranking on Google’s first position.

Suppose millions of people at a time search for any specific product by inserting keywords. If your Website is fully SEO optimized, then you’ll get Millions of Traffic in a day. And Millions of sales happen in a day without any investment because you already optimized your Website.

You don’t need to do it manually; you can relax and do other important things after your Website is optimized.


SEO is always in demand and a Powerful Way to do organic marketing. If you become an expert in optimizing websites using SEO, so many opportunities unlock for you.

But I suggest to you one thing that nothing is static in SEO; if you’re someone who will start learning SEO just after reading this content, then after one year, you need to learn updated SEO again because new Algorithms come faster.

So it’s your responsibility to stay updated with new algorithms and be the master of SEO.

Basically, after learning SEO, it’s a one-time effort for you to do Optimization and Rank your Website on Google. It’s the best way to do marketing with less effort. The scope of Digital Marketing is never-ending, so it’s your choice.

If you’re someone who is Beginner, then SEO can be a great choice for you. After reading this article, I hope you’ll get complete details about SEO and How it’s the most powerful marketing method in Digital Marketing. 


I am a passionate content writer and blogger. Compiling the knowledge of Information Technology to pursuing present technological solutions through the writings.

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