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How to Receive Money Anonymously

Of course, you can get paid anonymously. The big question is “How?”

With the emergence of technology, everything, especially that concerns the internet, had no anonymity. In this case, being traced and receiving payment requires digging into a few folders to discover your identity.

If you want to receive money without leaving a clue, receive it physically in cash. That is because any digital means of receiving money can be tracked easily.

Getting away with being traced and receiving money is quite simple. There are some methods that you can use to receive money anonymously. We will discuss them in today’s article. You can read them and pick the method that is right for your situation. Let’s start.

So, how do you receive money anonymously in your country without being tracked? There are many ways to achieve this feat, and it’s up to you and the amount of money in question.

Below are the ways to receive money anonymously:

Receive Money in Cash

Regarding ‘cash’, let’s get something right. If you mean to remain anonymous from the sender, then receiving in cash would require you to send another person to obtain the cash.

Otherwise, you are not anonymous. But we are assuming here that you know this sender, and only hoping to government agencies, perhaps taxes, or that your deal is a dirty one.

If you are receiving money in cash, you must decide on a location with the payer. However, if this is some sort of transaction, such that the payer is a stranger, then receiving cash could be a bad pick.

If you have no choice, you want to document the transaction and be mindful of whom you are associating with. You also want to be sure of the source of the money if you do not already know.

You can arrive with a 2-3-page paper to fold around the cash to keep it from being visible.

If the amount is hefty, consider having someone or more persons accompanying you.

Meanwhile, suppose you’d like to use a mobile platform like PayPal. Here’s how you can get PayPal to release your funds faster.

Receive Money Through the Mail

You can mail money as cash in an envelope through any major courier service like FedEx. In some countries, it may be illegal to receive money through the mail, but it’s perfectly legal in countries such as the USA.

For example, post offices, such as USPS, do not prohibit sending cash in the mail. Of course, it is risky to send cash via the mail, but it is pretty safe and anonymous.

The reason why sending cash via mail is risky is because the envelope is handled by quite a number of people before it gets to you, the recipient. Anyone can open the envelope, access the cash, and see whatever information it contains.

Many people who receive money anonymously tuck it into letters and greetings cards and have them sent through the mail. It is perfectly legal, and the government does not limit the amount of cash anybody can receive through mailing services like the USPS.

To receive mailed cash safely, use a certified mail service that allows you to track the cash and requires a signature on delivery. You, the recipient, can agree with the sender to supply a fake signature to remain anonymous.

Money Order with Fake ID

How can I receive money without revealing my identity? You can also receive money anonymously with a money order. However, to receive the cash anonymously, both the sender and receiver must not include their original identifying information, according to the Hustle Detective.

Using a money order is a guaranteed way to receive money without being traced. Do the following to receive money orders anonymously:

Visit the location where you want to cash out your money order. You can take a money order to a credit union or your bank. However, to be completely anonymous, you can use a grocery or retail store.

Endorse the money order. You have to add your signature to the back of the money order to endorse it, which can be a fake signature. Hand it over to the cashier.

Complete the identity verification. Next, present your fake identification to show that you are the authorized person to receive the money order cash.

You can assume a fake identity, and create and use any fake government-issued ID, including a driver’s license, passport, military card, etc.

Make the payment. Pay the fee to cash the money order if you have to pay. The fee is typically low and may be deducted from the total amount of cash paid to you.

When you receive the cash, ensure to store it safely before you leave the service counter. You can secure the money in your wallet or money belt.

Receive a Transferred Asset Ownership

You can use precious items such as gold coins or jewelry to exchange for cash, thereby receiving money anonymously.

The sender will buy the precious item with the cash you should be receiving in a considerable amount. The items are then sent to you physically from the sender. This method is considered when the amount of money involved is massive.

The only inconvenience with this method of receiving money anonymously is having to sell the items to recoup the money.

Make sure the sender buys precious gems and metals that hold their value.

You can receive gifts that are changed to a cash equivalent, making the receiver anonymous of receiving any money. You can also receive a car, motorcycle, or any valuable item and sell them to recoup the money as cash.

Digital Currency

Today’s digital market features many digital currencies, including bitcoin. These coins are anonymous and can be purchased by the sender and then electronically received by you anonymously.

Sending money anonymously via digital currency requires considerable technical knowledge, such that you must pick the right cryptocurrency for the task.

You can improve your anonymity using software like VPN to hide your IP address.

You can receive the money under a false name. Your wallet address is a very important data set, so you must copy it correctly before giving it to the sender.

The sender will send the equivalent of the money you expect in crypto. You can then cash out your digital currency to your mobile wallet or bank account.

Pre-paid Debit Cards Keep You Anonymous

You can also receive money by asking the sender to purchase pre-paid gift cards and send the card number and PIN code to you via email.

There are many gift card vendors, so you want to be careful with which vendor is suitable for your country.

First, find reliable gift card retailer services in your country. Find out about their supported gift cards and the rates. Gift cards do not require ID verification when you exchange it for money or buy the services the gift card is designed for.

Note that gift card is not traceable, so if the card number and PIN code get into the wrong hands, you lose them permanently. Unfortunately, gift card amounts are generally limited. Depending on the gift card brand, the sender can purchase up to $10,000 per day.


In this digital world, tracing someone’s financial transactions has become a lot easier. Sometimes, you may need to receive money anonymously for any reason. This can be a lot difficult if you don’t know how to do it. That’s why we have discussed some methods that you can use for it.

Make sure to read them all. In this way, you can understand which method can be right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is receiving money anonymously illegal?

No. receiving money anonymously is not illegal at all. However, if you do it for unethical activities, this will be considered illegal.

Is cryptocurrency a good way to receive money anonymously?

Crypto is a secure and secret way to receive money. However, it still can be traced in many ways.

What is the best way to receive money without a trace?

Receiving money physically is the best way to avoid being traced.

Can I use a PO box for receiving money anonymously?

It can be a good idea to receive money via a PO box. However, it can raise suspicions if you do it for a long time or with a large amount of cash.


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