A Guide on 100 VG E-Liquid in Canada

Three key elements of e-liquid are the base, flavorings, and nicotine. The flavors are suspended in a combination of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) called the base. How thick the e-liquid is depends on the PG to VG ratio. Some bases have a 50:50 PG to VG ratio, while others have one that is greater than the other. 100 VG e-liquid in Canada is an excellent illustration of one with a higher rating. This article will concentrate on 100 VG e-liquid in Canada. Its definition, the kind of vaping devices it is used for, how to distinguish it from others, and the kind of vapers it is ideal for will all be explored in detail.

What Is 100 VG E-Liquid?

100% VG e-liquid, often known as 100 VG e-liquid, is an e-liquid that contains no propylene glycol (PG) at all. Additionally, some companies may refer to it as 100% VG e-juice or 100% VG vape juice. You should be aware that this sort of e-liquid has no PG in the base or flavorings.

Max VG E-Liquid vs. 100 VG E-Liquid in Canada

Some vapers are unsure whether max VG e-liquid and ePuffer 100 VG e liquid in Canada are the same. They are not the same. Max VG e-liquid is not entirely devoid of PG. E-liquid with a greater VG content and a lower PG concentration is called max VG e-liquid. Only VG is contained in the base of Max VG e-liquid, while PG is present in the flavorings. Additionally, max VG e-liquids are those that contain 30% or less PG and 70% or more VG.

Who Is the Perfect Match for 100 VG E-Juice in Canada?

Those who have a sensitivity to PG are the type of vapers who would benefit most from 100 VG e-juice. It is also the greatest option for those who are allergic to PG since, in rare instances, they may develop headaches, a sore throat, nausea, edema, or hives. Vapers that prefer a smoother hit and a naturally sweet vaping sensation without added flavoring buy 100 VG e-juice in Canada. This is a result of 100 VG e-liquid’s sweet flavor, which does not require many flavoring ingredients. Finally, it is ideal for vapers who enjoy the generation of large vapor clouds.

Which Vaping Devices Are Best for 100 VG E-Juice in Canada?

For seasoned vapers who utilize sub-ohm tanks, which can fire at a higher wattage, 100 VG e-liquid in Canada is optimal. The viscosity of the e-juice supports this. The 100 VG e-juice in Canada is thick in texture. Advanced vape kits and mods are among the other vaping devices with which it is compatible.

Where Can You Purchase 100 VG E-Liquid in Canada?

To purchase 100 VG e-liquid in Canada, there are two options. These are going to stores that offer vaping supplies or making an online purchase from a vendor’s website. In any case, make certain to read the label to confirm what you are purchasing. Additionally, be sure to purchase 100 VG e-juice in Canada from a reliable source.


It is a fantastic idea to experiment with different options for 100 VG e-liquid in Canada. You will then have the choice to select the solution that works best for you.


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