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5 Email Marketing Tips

Almost 300 billion emails are sent each day.

When you send emails, are they opened? Do you think you stand out enough against all of the other emails in a person’s inbox? 

To be successful in digital marketing, you need to have a mail marketing plan in place that will help you increase your open rates, craft emails that people want to engage with, and understand the importance of mail marketing for your business.

If you want to create a mail marketing or using other platform like LinkedIn marketing strategy that helps you to write emails that catch people’s attention, read on for five valuable tips to get you started.

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1. Use a Unique Subject Line

If you have a bunch of emails in your inbox, do you go through and open each of them to see what they’re about before you delete them? For most people, the answer to that question is a definite no.

Instead, you likely scan through the subject lines to see what the email is about; if it’s something that seems important or interesting, you might save it to check out later. But, if it’s unimportant or uninteresting, it goes in the trash.

To get your emails opened when you send them, they need a unique subject line that captures the recipient’s attention. In a sea of emails, yours needs to seem interesting enough to take a second look at.

Are you unsure of what to do to make your subject line unique? Try the following:

  • Using a pun
  • Making a joke
  • Using alliteration
  • Keeping it short and sweet
  • Personalizing it by using their name
  • Telling them a hint of what’s inside
  • Asking an interesting question

These tips will help you craft an email subject line that’s more likely to catch their attention.

2. Make It Easy to Unsubscribe

When you send out mail marketing, your goal is to teach people about your business and convince them to buy something, subscribe to something, book something, etc. Your goal is never to frustrate your customer.

Still, you could be doing one thing that’s exceptionally frustrating without even thinking about it: making it hard to unsubscribe from your messages.

You want your messages to be sent to people who wish to read the information, so it shouldn’t upset you if someone wants to unsubscribe. Instead, you should view it as narrowing your focus and having a better view of your potential reach. 

With this in mind, make it simple for people to unsubscribe.

If you leave them with an optimistic viewpoint, there’s a chance that they might be drawn to your company in the future. On the other hand, if you leave them frustrated, you likely severed any potential. 

Speaking of unsubscribing, if your inbox is riddled with things that you need to unsubscribe from, but you don’t feel like going through and taking the time to do it one by one, try using a tool that helps you to mass unsubscribe and clear your inbox in a straightforward step.

3. Offer Readers Valuable Information

Having a great subject line that encourages people to open up your email and read it is step number one. Step two is having the body of the email filled with valuable information for them to take in.

There are endless options for what you can center your email around. Here are a few ideas:

  • A welcome email
  • FAQ email
  • Important dates
  • Contest/Giveaway
  • New items

All of these emails have one thing in common: they entertain and inform the reader while promoting your business in a way that isn’t just saying, “Here’s why you should buy my products.” You’re providing value.

4. Track the Key Metrics

Today, there are many different metrics that you can track when it comes to digital marketing.

Instead of getting caught up and watching every metric you can, focus on a few key ones and have your marketing team track them. This way, you can make truly informed decisions, track your success, and not waste too much time going through useless information.

A few metrics that are good to keep in mind are:

  • ROI for this project
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce rate

This list is just a guide. Depending on your goals, other things might make more sense to track, but this is a solid place to start. 

5. Be Authentic

The most crucial aspect of any mail marketing plan is authenticity. 

You should be focusing on creating authentic content that speaks to your brand values and shows people more about what to expect from you. 

Instead of sending out mail simply because you think it’s what people want to hear or what’s currently trending, send out things that accurately represent the business. This way, the people that are drawn to your business are drawn for the right reasons.

It makes more sense to spend time and money attracting lifelong customers than to do the same to get one small sale.

Authenticity builds trust. Trust builds brand loyalty. Brand loyalty builds a long-lasting brand.

Five Steps to Mature Mail Marketing

The five tips mentioned in this article can be considered concrete steps for you to take your mail marketing campaigns to the next level.

Remember to be authentic and offer your readers valuable information. Start with a catchy subject line to draw people in, but make it easy to unsubscribe if they genuinely aren’t interested. Finally, try to track key metrics to make minor adjustments when things aren’t going to plan.

If you would like to read more helpful information to help you grow your business, please look at some of the other articles on our website. 


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