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A Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing has been highly successful in generating leads. It is still highly effective in fulfilling the business aspiration of the new business. Therefore companies bank on this form of marketing to reap financial benefits. 

  • Do you think that you are doing well with email marketing?  

If not there, you could use some email marketing software to facilitate your email marketing campaigns. You could download this free from rarbg

Apart from this, you need to follow a few ways to manage your email marketing strongly. We are discussing all this in this article. 

Email Marketing Benefits

Though email marketing started long before social media marketing, it still is highly effective. Let’s understand this using some statistical data:

  • There are around 4 million email users in the world.
  • According to the year 2020, an email generated around $36 for every dollar spent. 
  • Around 31% of the B2B marketers opinion that they bank on email marketing in generating leads.
  • Around 60% of the consumer goods and eCommerce goods and services personalize emails.

Therefore it could well be understood that email marketing has great opportunities ahead in the times to come. 

Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

You have to follow certain things if you want to start with your email marketing. Let’s discuss a beginner’s guide to email marketing here in this section. 

1. Define Your Audience

If you think that you create emails, quality ones, and send them to your audience, you are human. First, you need to define your audience. For this, you need to invest your research into the buyer’s persona.

 If you conduct thorough research, you can understand what they want from your product or service. This can help with your email campaigning.

2. Establish Your Goals

While initiating your email campaigns, you must start with some knowledge of the markets. It will help you to understand your opportunities as well as limitations. 

For example, if you deal in some product based on restaurants, Food & Beverage, your Click through rate is 2.0%.  Your Click to open rate is 10%. This can help you plan realistically with your email campaign. 

3. Build Your Email List

You keep your team to design your email. An email list is a group of users that allows you to send emails. If you are starting for the first time, you have a limited number of users. 

But the number will keep increasing with time, do not get discouraged by it. Value each and every single subscriber like gold. This will help grow your email organically. So you have to work persistently on the email list. This is one vital step in email marketing. You can also do email scraping. If you don’t know what does email scraping means, Klean Leads can help you with that.

4. Choose An Email Campaign Type

There are different types of email marketing campaigns, and you have to work on the one you can be comfortable with. Remember, each and every email marketing campaign has some specifics. 

There are different kinds of email marketing campaigns like welcome email series, personal campaigns, newsletters, post-purchase drip, and others. Based on the characteristics trait of the campaign, you have to select this. 

5. Scheduling 

You need to work on your scheduling of emails. It is found from one study that the success of email marketing or generating leads depends on the scheduling of your emails.  

If you forget about scheduling, this can lead to unsubscribe lists. So make sure that your scheduling is consistent. 

6. Measure Results

The end of every endeavor is results. Describing from a general perspective, if you do well in your business, it means your email campaign is successful and vice versa. 

But if you are to measure the success rates of your email marketing, you have to consider some things. You need to be meticulous about each and every key metric. This way, you can measure the effectiveness of your results. 


In order to bring this discussion to a close, it can be said that email marketing has been successful for businesses in the past. Email marketing is still an effective way of getting business leads. If you are doing it for the first time, you need to follow these steps mentioned above to get it done at the right time.


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