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Spy App for iPhone Without iCloud Credentials

IPhone devices are considered these days as elite of the mobile phone industry. Nowadays, more than 70% of American teens and adults own iOS devices, and they are safe and impossible to breach. Teens think they have privacy in the digital world, and parents cannot know what they are doing on the web using iPhones connected to cyberspace.

Well! Teens have got their privacy and indulging in inappropriate activities, but parents are concerned about their online safety. Parents don’t need to worry because we are introducing a spy app for iPhone without iCloud credentials.

They don’t need to have iCloud passcode to spy on teen’s online activities. The password-protected iPhones keep teens secret, and they could trap at any point in time without supervision on iPhones.

Why parents need a spying app for iPhone without iCloud?

We all know that if anyone has the iCloud credentials of any iOS device, then you will get every activity that happened on the iOS device. However, password-protected devices, and not let parents know about the iCloud credentials, and you remain helpless to keep a hidden eye on teens online. Here are the following reasons that parents should spy on iPhones no matter what.

Access to adult content

Young kids and teens are more likely to use iPhone as iPorn all day long and late at night. Porn addiction is massive among teens no time ever before. Male teens are more likely to browse adult content on their phones compare to female teens. Almost 33% of female teens and 70% of male teens are addicted to x-rated content.

Online dating among teens

Online dating applications have changed the dating scene, and today teens love to create an account on dating apps using cell phones. Tinder, Bumble, Snapchat, and many more are the famous dating apps running on the web that teens download on iPhones. Teens interact with strangers and commit to meet them in person that could turn into date rapes and many of their brutal incidents.

Social media addiction

Social media obsession in teens is real, and young teens are more likely to use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more on mobile devices. They always want to stay online and keep in touch with every newsfeed of their friends. Social media addiction is leading teens towards online predators, and many inappropriate activities.

Privacy breaching

Teens love to breach their privacy, and none of the teens would like to custom their social media profile. Moreover, teens share photos, videos, names, school names, and many other things on messaging apps and social websites and always want to live in the limelight using iPhones connected to cyberspace. It is good to meet new people, but too risky to oblige for everything

What is iPhone spy app?

It is an application that you can use to do surveillance on iPhone devices without using the iCloud credentials.  However, it does require a jailbreak process on the target device to avoid using iCloud stuff. You can use iPhone spying software on jailbreak iPhone to set parental control on your teens to safeguard them from accessing adult content, online dating, and social media addiction and from breaching privacy.

How iPhone spy works on the target device without using iCloud?

Having said that it works on jailbreak iPhones, and it does not require iCloud credentials. You need to jailbreak the target iOS device and then subscribe to the best spy apps for iPhone. You can visit TheOneSpy official page on the web and get a jailbreak solution for iPhone. You can get a subscription and physical access to the target device and start the installation process. Moreover, use the credentials and activate the online dashboard. Further, you need to activate the features given below and set parental control on the iPhone without using iCloud.

Top-rated features of iPhone monitoring app:

Here are the following features of the most powerful and dynamic spying application for iPhone that is best for parental control and to keep tabs of business iOS devices provided to employees.

  • iMessages
  • WhatsApp
  • Contacts
  • Device info
  • SMS
  • Installed apps
  • Notes
  • Call logs


The One Spy iPhone spy is the best solution for spying on iPhone devices without iCloud, and you can use it for digital parenting and employee monitoring.

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