7 Tips to Safely Outsource Web Development Overseas

Web development and IT management are highly important for the success of companies in today’s digitally-focused world. However, the demand supersedes the supply of qualified experts in many areas.

Statistics show that there were around 40 million worker shortages in the global tech sector in 2020. In fact, this count can grow to 85.2 million within the next decade.

A 2022 Gartner survey found that 74% of organizations are experiencing a tech talent shortage. This shortage is expected to worsen in the coming years, with Korn Ferry predicting that there will be a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers by 2030.

In this situation, many businesses have decided to outsource their requirement to overseas web development companies and professionals. Not only does this increase a business’s profit potential, but outsourcing to certified developers also helps them improve their brand reputation.

Statistically, 24% of small-scale companies rely on outsourcing their projects partially to improve work quality.

Of course, for the best results, you must partner with the best and verified professionals. In this article, you will learn about how to outsource to the right companies, with safe and successful results.

Difficulties Related to Outsourcing Web Development

A lot of companies decide to outsource their web development tasks to quicken the production process and reduce their overhead costs.

Statistically, 70% of organizations that chose outsourcing as an approach gave cost reduction as their main reason. However, many professionals make the error of hiring under-qualified developers without evaluating their skills.

While it is understandable that all company managers are technologically knowledgeable, it is better to research first.

Or, they can hire project managers for the decision and outsource work supervision. They understand the programming techniques and constraints better and lead the development team and project better. Plus, many of the overseas IT companies charge lesser amounts for their services.

Yet, it is not simple to know which overseas companies are genuinely efficient in their tasks always. For this, experts in the field suggest checking the competency level and viewing their past projects carefully.

Tips to Choose the Best Web Development Company to Outsource

The following are some of the main points you should follow while outsourcing to foreign companies for your project.

1.      Research about the company

One of the first things you should focus on is the company you are planning to partner with. You would find multiple firms that are outsourcing their software and web development services.

Make a list of them and begin gathering information on all options and their prior projects.

At this point, review things like their client list and the experience level of their staff. You can use sources like their official website and external information portals for client reviews. Also, check if the company is transparent about their details like credentials and prices.

2.      Service Level Agreement

In the context of outsourcing to companies in other countries, signing an SLA document first is crucial. Here, check to see that you have framed and mentioned every clause carefully.

Avoid adding vague statements that are open to interpretation, on either your’ or the overseas company’s part. Moreover, detail everything properly and accurately for a better-quality partnership.

3.      Figure out your goals/needs and mention them accurately

A lot of companies that need web development services do not know much information about the process in general. It is important to have some insight into the different types of professionals and their work types.

Also, learn about the technologies and frameworks that the project would require, like WordPress, PHP, or Drupal. In case you run an e-commerce platform, check the CMS support and wireframe you would need.

After learning about such data, you would have a better idea of what you would require in your project. State that ahead of time while outsourcing to external development companies.

This way, you can select the right team of developers and designers that can perform your project goals satisfactorily.

4.      Decide the benchmarks

It is best to settle on particular benchmarks for the project while it is still in the development phase. Here, the benchmarks are small goals for tasks that are necessary for the website.

For example, set a benchmark for the MVP creation phase, one for the feature integration period, one for testing, and so forth.

When the team meets each of the benchmarks, you can view their progress and keep track of the entire project better. These mid-project meetings would allow you to verify the work quality and discuss any problems/errors first-hand. The developers can then plan and control the issue while the development is on track.

5.      Communication is necessary

Throughout your association with a foreign web development firm, keep in contact with them about the project. There are particular challenges companies face here while outsourcing, like contrasting work schedules, time zones, and availability of either party.

However, you can utilize different communication tools like Slack and GitHub to keep the interaction continuous and smooth. Also, employ other communication tools like emails and Google Sheets for project workflow discussions.

Whichever option you take, stay consistent with your information exchange.

6.      Begin with smaller tasks

While outsourcing to external companies, it is not useful to put the pressure of the entire project on them entirely. Instead, compartmentalize and provide small-scale tasks to them.

If you are outsourcing to a new company you have not worked with previously, this would help you understand their performance quality.

See how they perform the simple tasks and then give them bigger or more critical tasks after the trust develops. Gradually increasing the work intensity and giving them small tasks at a time would help to complete the project milestones efficiently.

7.      Ask questions

Another important tip you should remember is to ask the necessary questions to the company. Firstly, consider the project you need their support for and carefully check the potential problems you might face.

While discussing with the overseas company you would potentially outsource your project to, ask them questions related to that. Cover all bases, starting from potential coding errors, bugs, or cyberattacks.

Hereabouts, check how the company officials respond to your queries. If they give straightforward and serviceable answers, chances are that they can handle different types of issues under pressure.


For the best and safest experience, you should study the company options you have for outsourcing. Ask them questions about their company’s performance, study their proficiency level, and settle the right contracts. Then, you should select the one most compatible with your requirements wisely.


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