How Much Does a Website Developer Cost?

Did you know most businesses need a website to succeed? If you want to get a website built but are unsure of the costs, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll answer your question, “How much does a website developer cost?” You’ll learn what factors to consider when choosing a developer, as well.

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Some Developers Charge an Hourly Rate

A skilled freelancer might charge 100 dollars an hour if they have a lot of experience. A freelancer tends to charge more compared to an in-house web designer.

The freelancer won’t receive health insurance or other perks. Also, freelancers don’t have high job security, and they make their income from different contracts.

You might decide to work with a freelancer. Long-term projects may have a lower rate. Is your project going to be complex? You might need to hire graphic designers and a programmer.

On average, they will charge between 50-100 dollars an hour, and the cost will depend on the complexity of your project. Hire a WordPress developer based on their experience.

What Do You Need?

When you look for a website developer, you should know what you’re looking for in a developer.

Do you want to create an e-commerce website? Or would you prefer to create an aesthetic blog or simple business website? Some people need help with creating a personal portfolio.

Certain websites cost more because you need an integration like a shopping integration. This will take more time and skills to put into place.

Front End vs. Back End Website Projects

Front-end web development projects are less expensive and easier to install. Implementing a new and custom design isn’t a major project.

Do you need back-end support? You might need a new website built from scratch or help with moving a website. Some businesses change the website’s domain name or content management system.

These services will cost you more. Some different back-end development projects to add to your website costs include integrating your website with your marketing software.

You might want more e-commerce functions. E-commerce store owners should have an easy-to-navigate website.

Ongoing maintenance will also increase the costs. Do you want a developer to create a content management system? You might want to edit your website with ease.

Update posts or drop in images without coding experience.

Do You Have a Complex Project?

With web development, one approach won’t work for everyone. If you have a complicated project, your web development costs will reflect that.

Do you use uncommon software to run your website? Is the back-end of your website messy? Your developer will spend more time transferring your website to a more accessible platform.

Web developers will need to talk to you and learn about your request.

What About Marketing and Design?

Web developers won’t have the same skill sets. Some might have more experience with marketing or web design, and others might have more experience working on complex websites.

Do you plan to hire a full-service web design company? You may get to work with a team who can help you with all parts of your website.

You’ll get help with social media, web design, marketing, and even content creation.

For web design, you might not want to use a boring template. A web developer will be able to improve the look of your website and its functionality.

Once you approve the designs, they can begin the front-end development work.

With graphic design, designers assist you with illustrations, logos, and other visuals. Some graphic designers will charge up to 100 dollars an hour.

Branding work will include things like improving your content, website, and visual brand.

Also, if you’re an established brand but need a re-design, they can help you with these things. The services will add to your rates.

Do you need copywriting assistance? Some companies will offer copywriting help. Developers should also understand basic search engine optimization techniques.

They might even provide services specific to improving the optimization of your site. You could look at getting a consultant to help you with your SEO, as well.

Domain Name and Hosting Fees

You’ll need to cover the cost of hosting and domain name fees. The web developer will build your website, but you’ll have to cover ongoing expenses.

Web hosting fees will depend on the website builder you choose, and this tends to cost up to 10 dollars a month.

Domain fees refer to your domain name. You will need to buy it, and it can cost around 15 dollars every year.

Why Should You Hire a Web Developer?

You can try and build your business’s website on your own. Yet, a lot of time and effort will go into building a website. There are some website builders where you can make a website.

Yet, if you want a professional website with software integrations and e-commerce functionality, work with a developer.

Invest in a professional front-end or back-end developer. You want a developer with plenty of experience designing websites. You can get rid of glitches and improve the experience of your customers.

Now You Know More About a Website Developer Cost

We hope this guide on a website developer cost was helpful. Now that you know how much to expect start searching for the right professional.

You want to find an experienced developer to help you with your specific needs.

Do you need more tips? Check out our resources on the blog.

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