Instagram Widget: How It Helps Grow Sales & Revenue Exponentially.

Instagram is considered one of the most popular social media platforms. We all are guilty of spending hours on this platform doing nothing but endlessly scrolling.

That’s because the platform is highly engaging, and the visuals it offers are a treat to the eyes. Instagram is loved worldwide, that’s why it has over a billion monthly active users.

Marketers have identified that, and Instagram’s impact is reaching the level that brands have started leveraging its content to their websites.

The Instagram content is diverse. It can be UGC, influencer content, the branded social feed, etc., the best part is that you can bring it all to your website and allow your website visitors to engage with it through the Instagram Widget. Continue reading to know more.

What Is an Instagram Widget?

Instagram widget is a tool that lets you collect content from Instagram and curate it in a single, unified feed that you can embed on your website using an embed code. Instagram widget is live, and it updates in real-time.

Brands embed these feeds on their websites to engage their website visitors and increase their website’s dwell time, which would otherwise take a lot of brainstorming. Embedding an Instagram widget creates better possibilities for brands to improve their social media presence.

The Instagram widget helps you to magnify the performance of your website & improve the ROI with the powerful content from Instagram.

Above all, the process is quite simple with the help of a tool you can easily generate a short code that you can paste at the backend of your website, wherever you wish to embed the Instagram widget.

How Does Instagram Widget Help to Grow Sales & Revenue Exponentially?

1.   Improves Website Engagement

One thing that almost every website owner or brand struggles with is creating better website engagement opportunities for website visitors. As it is quite often that when website visitors come across a website, and they don’t find anything worth engaging with, they leave, which often leads to a higher website bounce rate.

Instagram is loved by everyone, and people don’t miss the opportunity when it comes to engaging with its content. In fact, it is considered the most engaging one compared to its competitors because of its visuals.

So when you embed its visually appealing content on your website as an Instagram widget, be assured that it will help to improve your website’s engagement rate like never before.

2.   Highlight Your Branded Campaigns

If you run any social media campaigns and want to take it beyond social media, then Instagram feed Widget has to be your ideal tool. It is a perfect strategy to run a website campaign alongside your social media campaign to make it visible to your website visitors and enhance your social media presence.

The Instagram feed widget will curate your campaign content. For example, if it is a hashtag contest and you have chosen a unique hashtag, the Instagram feed widget comes with an aggregator.

The aggregator will collect all the posts made using the hashtag and bring them to you to moderate the content, customize the widget and embed it on your website for your website visitors to engage with it.

3.   Showcase Customer Experience With UGC

User-generated content has become a widely accepted form of content because of the endless benefits it brings in. Brands are leveraging it in many of their content marketing strategies as it is authentic and brings transparency for the brand, which helps in building trust among potential customers.

Instagram is considered as a focal platform for consumers to publish UGC or share their experience with a product or a brand. It calls for a great opportunity to curate and display the user-generated content from Instagram to your website that would showcase the customer experience with your brand, making it easier for your potential customers to make more confident purchase decisions.

4.   Boosts Your Conversion Rate

If you are an ecommerce store, then all your marketing efforts directly or indirectly are formed keeping one goal in mind, higher conversion rates.

But how to make this probability a reality? When you embed an Instagram feed widget equipped with user-generated content, it acts as a real-life experience for your website visitors.

It is something consumers usually seek before making any purchase decisions. Eliminate the process consumers go through to do research and look for product reviews before putting their money anywhere online.

Let’s Call It a Wrap!

We have reached the end of this blog with the hope that you have a better understanding of Instagram Widget, what wonders it would bring to your website and your brand.

Instagram widget is the perfect answer as it demands lesser spending and energy and brings in extensive rewards for the website and brand.

This blog highlighted the opportunities that are available at your disposal. The best part is that this process is cost-effective, so you don’t have to make any huge investments, simply collect the Instagram content, embed it on your website, and get ready to enjoy all the benefits it would bring in.


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