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How much does it cost to develop a game?

How much does mobile game development process cost? The answer to this question lies in a detailed study of each project separately. Software engineers use a wide variety of powerful tools to develop popular applications.

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Issue price

The total price for the formation of a game application has a different level for a particular country and region.

The final price of forming a mobile or online game depends on a large number of factors: the engine used the professionalism of the performer and marketing policy, etc.

The average cost of programming an entertainment application in Eastern Europe starts at $ 7.5 thousand.

And in Australia and the USA, specialists charge an average of $ 100 per hour of work.

IT specialists from Western Europe sell their service for 60 euros / hour, in India – 8-30 dollars.

Thus, the customer can use the outsourcing service or rely on local contractors.

Pokemon example

  • modern “Pokemon Go”. Client proposal and gamer design cost the owner 100 thousand dollars;
  • UI and backend – 86.5 thousand;
  • An important item is the cost of 150 thousand to ensure the operation of the server system.
  • Testing of an entertainment product ranges from 50 thousand dollars, and animation support takes 15% of the total amount of financial investments;
  • The cost part of management and soundtrack reaches 40 thousand dollars, which is the smallest item of research;
  • Ultimately, the app cost the company $ 600,000.

Phone app

  • Out of Brakes;
  • The cost of the arcade race of the Levgen Litvinov company exceeded $ 1.1 thousand. Apple’s certification process and integration operations cost $ 552;
  • The growth of the original design required an infusion of only 300 USD, and localization – 142 USD;
  • At the end, the application was tested for operability plus the presence of bugs.

Principal details of payment

A game application is a well-organized business process that has a number of technical characteristics and parameters. At the entrance, the owner invests a certain amount of money, and at the exit he receives a likely profit from qualified operation.

For this, an experienced manager (usually an investor) and a team of programmers are appointed. Designers and artists will make the gaming platform colorful, sophisticated and individualized.

Let’s take a closer look at the required composition of the team to create an entertainment product:

  • supervisor. The authorized person distributes investments wisely. The salary of such a specialist reaches the level of 80 to 150 thousand rubles;
  • programmers (2-5 people) + system administrator + 2 web developers. The salary of specialists depends on the complexity of the work remaining carried out and ranges from 40 to 150 thousand rubles per month;
  • talented designers (up to 3 specialists). Attracting creative artists is best done through outsourcing, which is closely monitored by the art director. The costs for this part will amount to about 60 thousand rubles per month;
  • game designer (if necessary) up to 110 thousand rubles;
  • 1-2 Marketing Policy Specialists + Experienced Game Master. The salary of such workers reaches 40-80 thousand rubles).

It is interesting

Renting an office and organizing a workplace is also an important step. The cost of renting a business center is closely correlated with its location and class of apartments for mobile app game development cost.

A competent marketing policy allows you to efficiently organize the promotion of a gaming product to the consumer. For this, the mechanisms of buying traffic, contextual advertising are used.

Other expenses include the following elements, namely:

  1. purchase and service of various servers. Browser games have minimum requirements for this type of hardware. Therefore, investments in this segment will amount to 300 thousand rubles and 9 thousand rubles monthly for maintenance;
  2. registration and support of a legal entity. The development of mobile games and applications is an entrepreneurial activity. Annual expenses reach the level of 60 thousand rubles (payments to the pension fund, medical insurance);
  3. representation costs.

Android applications

The process of forming iOS applications takes a lot of time.

The creation of platforms consists of several sequenced stages:

  • objective cost estimation (1-3 days);
  • market and competitive environment analysis (up to 5 days);
  • creation of technical specifications (2 weeks);
  • design decoration;
  • programming (60+ days);
  • testing (from 8 days).

Conclusion of an agreement regarding copyright and information protection will protect your rights to the project and its value.

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