10 Web Design Trends That Every web Designer Should Know

Web design trends are continuously changing and evolving. While some tried-and-true design strategies never go out of style, new trends arise as technology develops and audiences adapt, particularly in the ever-changing digital realm.

As time passed, we began to conceive and create websites with a more user-centric approach. The users were our customers.

We built our UX understanding of their requirements. Websites needed to be more accessible, easy to use, and flow smoothly.

As a result, we must constantly evolve our tactics in our ever-changing world. Join us as we investigate the top web design trends that will rule the world of online creation in 2022.

Here are the 10 Web Design Trends That Every web Designer Should Know:

1. One-page website

Web Design Trends

Surprisingly, one-page websites have proved the most navigable. It has been noted that one-page websites operate well when their subject matter is similar to a portfolio or presentation of a single topic. Atlanta website designers provide the impression of reading a poster with all of the information you provide in one location rather than having to browse many pages.

2. Scrollytelling 

Scrollytelling is an increasingly common approach to using a digital interface to narrate a complex story.

These visual effects aim to capture audiences by presenting them with intriguing content on a silver platter. Scrollytelling is also known as “narrative visualization” – a set of visual elements ordered chronologically sequenced to deliver a specific message to visitors.

Websites now allow you to navigate and regulate their flow in a personalized way by realizing that each user is unique and presenting messaging in exciting ways, similar to how you can read a book at your own pace.

3. Black and white color schemes

The usage of minimal black-and-white color schemes looks to be growing in popularity among daring designers. They allow you to contrast items without worrying about your colors. They’re also great for primary sites that don’t include a lot of graphic stuff.

If you want to take it a step further, you may utilize a predominantly black-and-white color scheme with a handful of extra colors to highlight crucial areas. This is very useful when persuading your visitors to take specific actions. Most Atlanta website designers appear to have recognized this trend, adding many black-and-white themes. Wix, for example, has several templates designed exclusively for greyscale design. 

4. Brutalist Typography 

Brutalist Typography can be seen as a reaction against today’s web design’s lightness, positivism, and minimalism. Using typography to generate a dynamic grid, letters as building blocks for segments, sections, headers, and paragraphs, or just as a method to go wild on an entire website — Brutalist typography offers a metropolitan vibe to a website.

5. Abstract illustration

Abstract images add a personal touch to the designs and provide organic texture to the layout. As fashion shifts, website owners look for abstract designs that feel natural and give greater sophistication. Incorporating watercolor, ink techniques, or textured paper can give the design a natural sense. Changing the line weight can also soften the look and feel of the webpage.

6. Dark mode trend

With so many users now choosing “dark mode” in applications, emails, and other places, it’s no surprise that more and more websites are producing dark art designs.

The dark mode is so wonderful, probably because the dark UI is emphasized with bright accents and legible lettering to ensure legibility. Colors that motivate action and achieve goals include bold typography, neon accent colors, white capital letters, and sophisticated yellow animations. So, if you want to showcase your Atlanta website designer, you can create an ultra-modern look using the dark mode theme.

7. Retro Visuals

Retro design styles from the 1970s and 1980s are reappearing everywhere you look. Clothing styles have gone full circle, retro art has resurfaced, and retro game animations can be found everywhere you turn. Web design Trends, on the other hand, is a little different.

This is because an Atlanta website designer has never existed! However, it is quickly becoming one. We admire how well-performing sites use pixelated, vintage aesthetics. As 2022 progresses, we predict a flood of new websites to adopt this design.

8. Delight 

Delights have become a staple of good user experience, with today’s consumers learning to expect them in two forms: surface delights and deep delights. Surface delights include animations, tactile transitions or gestures, microcopy, pictures, and noises. Meanwhile, deep joys seek to meet all user needs, including functionality, dependability, usability, and enjoyment. If users are deeply delighted, the likelihood of them promoting the product or service improves.

While surface delights are excellent and practical, web design has progressed to the point where it is no longer sufficient on its own. Our current understanding of user needs and behaviors extends an absolute deep delight throughout the page.

9. Linework

The line work is a popular trend that Atlanta website designers can use to define paragraphs, product galleries, and headings and create a dynamic grid for websites. Line weight will affect the final page in this type of arrangement. Line weight will significantly impact the final effect in such designs. The muted color palette and strikethrough mouse-over feature give the overall feeling of casualness.

10. Liquid Animation

Almost every website you visit will contain some form of animation. The technique of moving fluid that appears like water is currently famous in animation. Liquid animation is used as a video element transition throughout the scene to further interest the user and encourage scroll-click actions.

The key to making this work is movement speed. It must be flowing, well-timed, and flexible to have a realistic feel. The advantage of this layout is that it can be utilized in various ways to build an interface that complements the content. So, if you want to make your website look unique and exciting, you can take advantage of the liquid animation trend.


According to studies, 94% of visitors form an opinion of a website based only on its appearance. Everyone in the market works hard to create a fantastic website. However, Atlanta website designers prefer to employ the most recent atlanta web design trends to meet the objectives.

Well! The list of web design trends is unlimited, but the ones listed above are some of the most influential and widely used trends which follow all the famous web designing companies like WebsitedesignerCharleston that assist businesses in growing their websites.


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