5 Reasons Why Writers Should Avoid Using AI Writing Tools

Have the instructions entailing that the writers should avoid using AI writing tools made you roll your eyes?

Is it blowing your fuse as you are muttering to yourself, “What’s the use of such advancements if people still desire to remain backward?” Well, calm down.

Before plunging to prejudice and conclusions, it’s extremely important that one must conduct in-depth research regarding the “against” of anything.

Even if you are not tasked yet to scribble a composition, you still should know about that where Artificial Intelligence lies at this point. Especially in writing.

Otherwise, you may fall into the trap of using it and severing your reputation. Our approach is, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” However, the writing never spares anybody.

Cutting to the chase, we’re actually here to elevate your knowledge regarding the defects of such tools. Thus, let’s get started.

The Five Powerful Reasons Stating Why Writers Should Avoid Using AI Writing Tools

  1. Such Soft wares Are Ineffective In Kindling Emotions

Humans spark emotions. They have a wide base of knowledge and experiences to bring forth and on top of that, they have imaginative powers.

The mixture of such exotic ingredients always curates a perfect recipe that in turn cooks up the spiciest, most captivating, engaging, and enlightening content. 

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence technology feeds on the data provided to it.

What if the data is not in massive amounts? The activity and accuracy of these AI agents will also get affected, quite adversely. A dull and dreary piece won’t ignite feelings and will be dumped as “boring.”

  1. These Writing Bots Lack Creativity

AI authors are way behind in triggering interest and absorption.

They scrape out material from here and there and combine them in a manner that produces the overall central idea. Sounds featureless right? Come on, where’s the creativity? Even if we hire a book proofreading service we still expect exceptional results though we know the proofreader is no computer. Therefore, how can we proclaim these AI writers as “writers” even? They don’t have the horizons to stream out their thinking abilities. Such capabilities are bounded as per the data induced in them.

They don’t even have the resources to fairly compete.

  1. The Programs Are Prone to Errors

No matter they are ebook writers or someone else, every author commits mistakes while writing. However, it kind of feels queer if the AI tool does so.

It starts crumbling our belief in it. Now you may jabber, “Do they?” Yes! They do. Therefore, it is half-wittedness to have confidence in them by letting them perform your tasks.

There can be lingering grammatical errors, unnecessary indentation, incoherent sentence structures et cetera. Thereby, if still, you have made up your mind to use them.

Then you need to take the duty of proofreading later on, once you get your curated document.

  • The Generated Content Can Be the Plagiarized One 

The AI agents extract, dig, excavate, combine and present the content. The immensely authentic plagiarism services accurately catch the sources showing that efforts haven’t been made. The assignments or anything which is not unique creates a bad image of the person.

It puts a dark spot on his credibility and costs him in losing referrals or mentors. Thereby, one should stay steer clear of such risks and infuse his true work.

  • Not All Services Are Free of Cost

Have you taken book writing services or a dissertation one? Ah! Forget it. How about you remember the time when your card has been charged when the application’s trial period was over? Nothing comes for free except for basic functionalities.

These do not span our documents fully and have a narrow range.  The set of brilliant features requires you to pour down a handful of dollars to avail of the service.

As a student, it gets heavier on your pocket, especially when you only need it for a single assignment.

Therefore, refrain from giving proof of foolishness and search for other alternatives.

For example, try to sharpen your skills; watch a bunch of tutorials to learn the techniques or get help. It’s better to utilize your cheap resources.


Currently, the AI Writing tools are not in their fully grown state. They can act as a robust helping hand. Yet one has to wrap his head around these to make use of them effectively.

The studies had revealed that AI Writers are limited in their scope and purpose. Thus entitling themselves as inefficient in producing content on the latest topics and issues.


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