Which Industries Use The Simulia Abacus Software For Design And Engineering?

Abacus software? Look around you. Wherever you look, you see man-made modern marvels like airplanes, trains, automobiles, refineries, bridges, and more. Have you ever wondered how these complex structures and products are created in the first place?

Technology has enabled us to visually simulate real scenarios, pressures, and products using the software. From the kind of weight, a bridge is likely to bear to a cross-frontal impact in an automobile, everything can be measured and prepared for. 

Very few people know that Abacus was not something that was started at Dassault Systems. In fact, the French company acquired it as late as 2005 for a whopping $415 Million. 

Ever since then, Abacus along with Solidworks has allowed Dassault to establish some kind of hegemony over the simulation, design, and product design industry.

Any designer or engineer worth their salt know what Abacus is all about. 

In this article, we look at five industries that use the Abaqus software. However, we begin the article by first defining the Abacus software and tracing its history. 

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Abaqus Software: What you need to know

Like SOLIDWORKS, Abacus is a computer-aided engineering software that finds applications in heavy engineering, mechanical fields, and product designing.

There are 4 major advantages of using the Abacus Software- 

  1. It allows for defined and accurate definition and presentation of complex geometrical patterns.
  2. It works to include the effects of mutually non-exclusive material types on one another. For example, rubber on plastic and vice-versa.
  3. Allows for showcasing the real-world application, impact functions, and workings of products.
  4. Incorporates the effects of weather like wind movements, rains, and seismic waves on the strength of the product.

It is a Finite Element Analysis or FEA software. In other words, the software uses a form of mathematical code and complex equations to project modeling.

It can allow for understanding the effect of heat transfers, check how electromagnetic waves work, and look at the movement of complex fluid and gas matter. 

Over the years, engineers and product designers have depended on the Abacus software for helping them create modern mechanical marvels that have helped mankind leapfrog into the future.

Given how there are millions of components and combinations that make up a final product, Abacus aims to study the effects, interactions, and cooperation between all of them. 

List of 5 Industries that use the Simulia Abacus Software for Design and Engineering

Aviation and Aerospace Industry-

Airplanes and spaceships represent the pinnacle of man’s technical prowess and advancement.

Given the stakes involved, it is natural that when it comes to this industry, the Abacus software is depended upon.

It allows aircraft manufacturers to understand the complex effects of physics on product design, development, and engineering. 

Automobile Industry-

Almost all the major car manufacturers use the Abacus software during the design and development process.

From examining the load-bearing of the vehicle to assessing how the frame and chassis will react to accidents at certain speed limits, the software can do all this and much more.

The software has proved to be a major boon during prototyping and testing. 

Oil and Gas Exploration Industry-

Very few people know this but the energy industry is one of the most mechanically advanced ones in the world. The effects of geothermal pressure on drilling are something that the Abacus software can study and inform with.

The creation of complex mining rigs in the middle of oceans always begin on the Abacus software. This is one industry that benefits a lot. 

Real Estate and Construction-

Towers extending for 100 or 200 metres above the ground are exposed to severe natural pressures.

Everything from wind movement to the impact of low and high impact seismic waves are studied during the design and engineering processes.

If the building is not strong enough, it can easily crumble leading to loss of life and materials. 

Infrastructure Development and Engineering-

Think about how engineers are able to know what kind of pressure will a dam be able to withstand? Or whether a sea link will be able to bear the weight of 10000 cars on it at the same time.

All these complex simulations are performed on a software like Abacus. It breaks down a part into millions of tiny parts and then includes effects like weight, heat and sound waves. 

The Bottom Line

Whether it be governments, big private players or million-dollar corporations, everyone swears by a product like Abacus.

Since its inception way back in 1978, the product has helped create so many things in our world.

Now in its recent avatar, it is helping designers and engineers create marvels that are combining form and function.

Next time you step on an airplane, think about the fact that it was first designed and engineered on a software like Abacus!


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