What Should You Look for in a Storage Unit?

Whether you’re moving house, traveling abroad, or simply don’t have enough space at home to store your belongings, leasing a storage unit can be the perfect solution to finding a safe space for your items.

Even small businesses can use these units as a place to store equipment, stock, and important paperwork if they need to.

It is important to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your storage unit and that it is suitable for your needs, so if you have never leased a storage unit before but are interested in doing so, here are some things to look out for.


The main thing is to make sure that your storage unit is easy to access, which means finding one in your local area. You can use www.storagearea.com to do this or similar websites.

Ideally, your storage unit shouldn’t be longer than a 30-minute drive from your home so that you can check up on your belongings regularly if you want to. However, this will all depend on where your home is located. For example, cities and larger towns will likely have more storage units than rural areas.


You need to consider the size of the unit that you want to lease. For larger pieces of furniture like cabinets, wardrobes, couches, etc., you’ll need a bigger storage space to fit these in safely.

You might be interested in storing a car in your unit, and there are specific units designed for this that might be more suitable for your needs.

The majority of storage unit companies tend to offer a variety of sizes for customers to choose from, so ask a member of staff what’s on offer and see if you can take a look at them before you sign a lease.

Climate Control

Many storage units are designed to have climate control to help keep your items safe, and if you have anything that will be susceptible to cold or hot temperatures, you will need this kind of unit to protect them. Again, this is something that you can ask a member of staff about, and they will be able to provide you with further information. Pieces of art, furniture, vehicles, food products, and even certain electronic devices are all examples of what might need a climate-controlled unit.


If you’re leaving your belongings somewhere that isn’t on your property, you want peace of mind that they will be safe. While all storage unit companies should offer security, some will be better than others.

You will be provided with a key for your unit, but some places will allow you to use a padlock as an additional measure. There should also be CCTV on-site, and some companies will also have security personnel on-site 24/7 too.


Finally, you need to find a storage unit that you can afford. These units often come at affordable prices, but the size of your unit and other features will affect the overall cost.

It is worth looking around at different companies who provide this service and comparing their prices to find the best deal.

If you hire a storage unit, either long-term or temporarily, remember to look out for all of the above to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your storage needs.


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