What Are the Biggest Solar Energy Companies?

As climate change increases, the need for reliable sourced energy is in higher demand. Not to mention, solar energy is more cost-effective when compared to other energy sources. 

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy companies are taking advantage of this lucrative market and creating safe, reliable, and effective energy facilities.

So you might be asking yourself, what are the biggest solar energy companies? Keep reading to learn more!

Solar energy comes directly from the sun and is harnessed through windmills. This kind of energy is more reliable and ethical than other forms of energy.

Homeowners are installing solar panels every year to save on their bills and to help with climate change! Companies like Blue Raven provide the best information about all of your solar panel needs! 

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Biggest Solar Energy Companies

It’s no secret that solar energy company stocks are skyrocketing. In fact, a recent study showed that 41% of Americans are inventing solar energy stock! So what are the best solar energy companies in 2021? 

1. SunPower

First, we have, Sunpower which is located in Silicon Valley, California. This solar company began in 2017 with a mission to provide sustainability to their communities. 

Now Sunpower is one of the largest solar companies in the world, with over 1,000 patents for their innovative work in solar energy!

2. Avangrid Renewables

Avangrid is located in Portland, Oregon, and is estimated to become one of the top solar energies in the next few years.

This solar company provides more affordable sources while still providing quality and durability.

This solar company has one of the largest facilities in the world. The focus on four sources of energy is a solar generation, biomass, thermal, and wind.

3. Sustainable Power Group 

This independent company is based in Salt Lake, Utah. They currently have partners located in New York, Virginia and parts of Canada.

This solar energy is estimated to expand even more in the next few years. However, they currently have 150 renewable facilities in the US!

4. Recurrent Energy

Recuncurrent Energy is based in the United States, with associates in parts of Canada. Currently, they are leading the industry by providing sustainable energy for other companies to buy.

 They’re mostly known for finalizing a huge sale with one of their most recent projects, the 144 MWac. Most recently, the company has announced big solar projects and new partnerships!

5. 8minutenergy

The name of this company comes from the fact that solar energy reaches earth in 8 minutes! This energy company is trying to provide the most cost-efficient solar energy. With their recent credit lien extension, the company expects to expedite its development!

Solar Energy Is the Future 

The biggest solar energy companies will be the biggest asset for fighting against global warming and climate change. A cleaner tomorrow is not only better, but it’s necessary!

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