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Tips for Shipping Your Car to and from California – Read Here First

If you’re considering transporting your vehicle into or out of California, keep in mind that its cost depends on numerous variables. To get an accurate estimate, provide information such as pickup/drop-off locations and transit dates as well as any basic vehicle details you know about. However, you should read the following article to get a preliminary idea before starting the process.

Pick-up and Delivery

Preparing your car properly before shipping it from California back home requires care. Doing this will prevent any damages during transit and ensure an easier experience overall. Here are a few tips to get you ready for pick-up and delivery to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Prior to transporting a vehicle, it is advisable that any toll tags or transponders be removed so as to prevent incurring additional fees in California, which boasts several toll roads and bridges (source: Doing this will allow for smooth sailing during transport of your car.

Choose a reliable car shipping company with high customer service standards. These firms will assign you a dedicated agent who can answer all of your queries and address any concerns, while remaining transparent about pricing compared with sketchy auto transport firms that might include hidden fees that could leave you surprised at delivery time.

Hire a company offering guaranteed delivery times when shipping a vehicle to California to save money and peace of mind. These services allow customers to know exactly when their car will arrive – perfect for customers relocate and military members looking for discounted auto transport services.


California, as one of the nation’s most populous states, is a popular state in which to relocate. Vehicle transport companies frequently transport their vehicles into and out of California due to its diverse geography and transportation infrastructure, leading many of them to offer competitive rates for transport to and from this state.

California car shipping can vary significantly depending on factors like vehicle type, pick-up/delivery locations and other variables. An open trailer vehicle shipment from California to Florida generally costs around $1000 but this may increase for larger or specialized vehicles.

Keep in mind that shipment drivers do not require extra documents for pickup or drop-off; instead they will present you or whoever you have designated with a copy of a bill of lading at both points in time – this document is more than a receipt; it represents a thorough inspection report.


When shipping your car from or to California, it is crucial that you find a service with insurance policies for auto shipping. This is especially crucial if your vehicle has high value; most vehicle shipping companies provide basic coverage but additionally you may be able to add on extra coverage at additional costs; in some cases your own policy might even cover it.

The Department of Transportation requires all transporters to carry liability insurance, which covers your vehicle if any damage occurs during transport; claims will be handled through their insurance provider. You might consider adding your own policy if your vehicle features expensive accessories like speakers or alarm systems; inquires beforehand to understand which coverage’s they provide.

Brokers connect customers with carriers who can take on your vehicle shipment. While they might not provide their own insurance policy, they should still be able to give you information such as the MC number and USDOT number of each carrier they recommend; this will give your insight into their history and safety record as well as provide insight into what to expect during shipping, communicating effectively if there are issues, etc.

Some companies require you to sign a waiver stating they are not responsible for any damage to your car during transport, which should serve as a warning sign and should only be agreed to after first thoroughly inspecting it yourself. Be sure that this inspection takes place before handing over to a carrier.


Shipping your car in California offers an easy and safe solution for transporting your vehicle throughout the world, whether that means nationwide transport or international shipping. However – though it’s convenient, preparing your car for auto shipping in California requires several steps, such as cleaning it and removing personal items. Make sure it has enough gas to get to its destination, along with all its fluids topped off.

If you’re shipping a large or heavy vehicle, additional fees may be applicable. Some companies will require extra payments for vehicle insurance coverage while others charge drop-off and pickup fees. When selecting a provider to transport your car it is important that it has competitive prices as well as an excellent reputation in the industry.

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