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How to Avoid Having a Cringey or Embarrassing Business Name?

Companies with cringey brand names regularly find themselves in trouble because their brand names—which were intended to help them succeed—become a source of embarrassment and shame.

Due to a general lack of knowledge about the impact their business name has on their products, countless companies have succumbed to the ravenous jaws of failure.

And if you don’t want your business to end up like Ayds diet candy, then ensure you avoid these errors while naming your company.

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Avoid Names that are Hard to Spell and Pronounce.

Avoid getting a long or complicated brand name because no customer wants to waste their time trying to pronounce your company’s name.

Names like ‘Susan’s Special Shoe Selling Shop’ should be avoided if you want your target audience to love, admire and promote your company.

Customers prefer short, memorable brand names because they are easier to pronounce, remember, and search for online.

Long names have several drawbacks, one of which is the chance that visitors could misspell a letter when looking for your shop online.

Your company’s brand name establishes the crucial first impression that your business needs to build a strong foundation in the eyes of its customers.

So, make sure you pick a strong name that’s short, attractive, easy to say, and spell.

Avoid Jumping into Every Political Issue

It’s important to keep in mind that upsetting customers is a tried-and-true formula for brand failure.

Many businesses have made the mistake of showcasing their individuality by choosing a brand name that degraded their customers, and the results have never been positive.

In these days when customers are much more aware of the brands they buy from, sending the wrong message about culture and politics through your brand’s name will undoubtedly create a huge gap between your brand and its customers, just as Aunt Jemima’s name did before it was renamed to Pearl Milling Company.

But don’t stop there; even if you’ve come up with a fantastic name, you’ll want to avoid anything that’ll make customers feel uneasy about your brand.

Every businessperson must be extremely cautious when dealing with political issues.

Mike Lindell got so involved in politics that customers couldn’t separate his political activities from his business, MyPillow.

This action splintered his customer base and led David Hogg, a Parkland massacre survivor, to create his own pillow business to put MyPillow out of business.

Not Properly Positioning Your Business

Although every business wants to grow and make profit, they won’t be able to do so unless they’re aligned with their target audience.

From a recent Squad help survey, customers aged 25 to 34 love modern brands, while customers aged 45 to 65 prefer classic brands.

If you want your business to succeed, then give it a name that appeals to your target market.

Consider your audience and the tone that would be most appropriate for them.

For brands targeting young people, edgy names like Alienware are perfect, but if your target market is Baby Boomers, it’s preferable to stick with classic names.

To get the best from your business, research your audience and come up with a name that reflects their needs and personalities.

When it comes to naming your company, using a reputable business name generator is the fastest and most dependable option.

Not Testing Your Brand’s Name

Not testing your name with an audience is another guaranteed path to wind up with a name that’d make your customers cringe.

So, ensure you test your name with a small sample of your target audience to determine if it resonates with them.

Not only will testing your name inform you whether your audience likes it, but it’ll also show you if it’ll scale with your band.

Most successful brands, like Ayds Diet Candy, didn’t see the need to test their brand name on a regular basis, and this failure to keep track of their brand’s name eventually led to their collapse.


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