Top 3 Ways to Attract More Instagram Followers

If your goal is to get more Instagram followers, you need to understand the platform. In 2021, there are more than a billion Instagram users. 71% of those users are 35 years old or younger. At least 50% of Instagram accounts are following one business or more.

Do you want to get more Instagram followers? Keep reading and learn how to get Instagram followers on your account.

1. Be Consistent to Get Instagram Followers

Instagram users are pretty predictable. They post and browse around the same times each day. Your job is to figure out when your audience is active on Instagram.

Social media tools can help you figure out when your audience is most likely to be on Instagram. New posts on the platform are prioritized. That means that your goal should be to post when most of your followers or potential followers are online.

Instagram followers

Start by posting during the peak times for general users. Then, experiment by branching out by an hour at a time. Track your results and you will soon see when you get the most engagement.

2. Engage with Instagram Followers and Non-Followers

The algorithm responds to accounts with high engagement. One of the best tips for getting Instagram followers is to engage with both your existing followers and your non-followers.

When you comment, like, and share other users’ posts in your story, your followers will engage with your content. This tells the Instagram algorithm that users like your content and it will get more exposure. It also keeps your followers happy.

If you practice engagement with non-followers, you can turn them into followers.

3. Use Hashtags Effectively

Each post you publish on Instagram should have two things. You should always create a caption (even if it is short) and you should always use hashtags if getting Instagram followers is important to you.

Hashtags are the words or phrases you see with a # in front of it. They become clickable and users on Instagram can follow them. If they follow a hashtag and see that you use it often, they may then decide to become one of your Instagram followers.

Relevant hashtags are always good. Branded hashtags are even better. They identify you but they also create a means for followers to create content for you.

Make sure that your branded hashtag is unique. It can be your business name or it can be something unique that describes your brand. Be sure that no one else is using that hashtag and try to keep it short.

Once you have a branded hashtag, other users can use that hashtag to tell others that they are using your product or service. Put your branded hashtag into your images using this free Instagram post template.

You can have more than one branded hashtag. You might have a general branded hashtag that identifies your business and another one that is connected to a specific campaign.

Here’s an example. A hotel is promoting their fresh lobster dinner specials. The hotel name is XYZ Hotel and the campaign-specific branded hashtag is #lobsternightatXYZHotel.

Instagram Builds Brands

If you follow these tips for increasing Instagram followers, you will see your account grow. Instagram followers love regular content and they respond to well-thought-out posts.

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