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HOW IOT is changing the education sector?

We are fortunate to be living in an age of technological advancements.

IoT has stepped up as a leading example of technological wonders. Popular IoT app development company develop innovative solutions to tackle daily issues.

It has opened doors to making an inclusive and convenient environment. Flutter App Development Company heavily rely on IoT to completely modernise the education system.

Let’s look at how IoT can be leveraged to strengthen the education sector and make efficient learners.

Upgraded Textbooks

Scanning through shelves, getting the right book, and opening the right page. Those were some additional tasks above the study work, but thanks to IoT, those tasks can be eliminated now.

Modern textbooks are printed with a unique QR code. Upon scanning such

codes, students can easily find and download a textbook on their device.

Additionally, features like searching for a chapter, highlighting, quick lookup in the dictionary, and voice commands are conveniently available with ebooks

Recording Attendance

Teachers will be able to focus more on their lesson plans and teaching methodology when marking attendance is cleared from their list.

Students will be marked present upon entering their class using biometric attendance or linking barcodes in the ID cards.

This makes it even easier to store since the data can be transferred easily to the database.

Additionally, automated messaging to the parents if their ward is absent can provide security and reduce lecture skipping.

Smart Classrooms

The learning experience can be facilitated in a smart classroom. Digital boards can record the notes made by a teacher, use tools to draw shapes and show explanatory videos from the internet.

Even more advanced features can be added, such as adding homework to a student’s planner after the teacher announces it, VR can be used to view the world of ancient times, or dissection can be done using AR.

The possibilities are endless, and so is the learning.        

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Learning for Differently-abled

IoT can be used to translate speech to sign language for hard-of-hearing students and convert speech to text if they cannot write.

This way, we can ensure education is never restricted to a few but open to all.

IoT will revolutionise the way teaching and learning are done. With better education, we can build an ethical society with sound-minded people.

IoT can be leveraged in many ways, and to materialise them, it requires creative thinking with a knack for innovation.

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