A Guide to Helping a Loved One with Mobility Issues

Limited mobility can affect a person’s life to the point that they may not be able to do the things they once enjoyed or even complete everyday tasks.

If your loved one has begun to suffer from mobility issues, such as the likes of muscle weakness, joint problems, or chronic pain, you may be eager to find out how you can care for them and make their life that little bit easier.

In this guide, we’re going to offer some useful aspects to keep in mind if you wish to give your loved one the best possible help if they are suffering from mobility issues.

Of course, each individual’s situation is different; however, these pointers should give you a starting point in terms of how to assist:

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Encourage exercise

Interestingly, exercise has been proven to be beneficial to those with mobility issues.

Staying active strengthens joints and muscles and could even prevent the disability from deteriorating in the future.

After a fall, for example, elderly people may be nervous about getting back on their feet should the same situation happen again. Yet, encouraging them to do so will prevent their joints from seizing up, as well as improve strength and stability.

Exercise doesn’t have to be as intense as running or stretching – it could be as simple as purchasing a cane or a walker to help them get around easily in their own home.

While relying on walking aids can be a humbling choice for many elderly people to make, it will ensure they can keep hold of their independence that little bit longer.

Purchase a wheelchair-accessible vehicle

One of the main concerns for many of those struggling with disability issues is the fact that they struggle to visit places outside of their home, which may be due to the height or size of the family car.

As such, they may be feeling isolated and confined to their home. With this in mind, you could consider purchasing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle that is designed for disabled people and provides plenty of space for wheelchairs.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to find vehicles of this type, thanks to used wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale at a lower price point.

Provide emotional support

For those who have recently begun suffering from mobility issues, it’s a natural reaction for them to become upset and depressed over their condition.

Depending on the severity of the issue, their life might have drastically changed from what they may have been used to and adjusting to their new circumstances isn’t always easy.

Open up conversations to give them the space to express how they are feeling, or you may feel they should visit a therapist to overcome negative thoughts and learn strategies to help them cope.

Helping someone with mobility issues is never easy, but we hope this guide has given you some helpful pointers to think about to ensure you can give your loved one the best possible support.


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