Google Penalty Check: How to Know If Your Website is Penalized

Have you noticed a sudden drop in your SEO ranking?

It’s possible that you have been penalized by Google.

Google has marketing practices and guidelines in place, and failure to comply with them.

Deviant practices such as keyword stuffing or buying backlinks can result in a penalty.

Often, a marketer or webmaster doesn’t know they’ve been penalized.

Because every website depends so strongly on rankings, it’s important to be aware of these matters and make the necessary adjustments.

To help you find out if your website is penalized, here is how to do a Google penalty check.

Google Penalty Check

One easy way to check for a search engine penalty is to check for manual actions.

These are given when a site review shows some type of issue.

You can access this information on the Google Search Console under Security & Manual Actions.

Various factors can cause you to receive a manual action.

Keyword stuffing, unnatural links, spam, spamy free hosting, cloaked images, and many other issues are violations of Google’s marketing guidelines.

These can result in manual actions which can hurt your ranking.

Even if you don’t receive a manual action, you could still end up having a filtered website.

This means that the Google algorithm will do a type of manual suppression for your ranking if it shows any signs of being low quality.

This is not as harmful as a manual action, but it’s problematic to your ranking nonetheless.

Your site’s success depends on a high Google ranking.

If your website is penalized, this will hinder your success. This is why you need to know how to avoid receiving any penalties.

Avoiding or Fixing Penalties

One way you can receive manual actions is through improper use of keywords.

Search engines have Artificial Intelligence bots to determine if keywords are being overused or used out of context.

High ranking is largely dependent on different types of search intent, so it’s important to be mindful of this and use keywords appropriately.

Never use a free hosting site. Google hands out manual actions for these matters all the time, and the money you’re saving is costing your site its reliability.

Pay the money for a reputable name-brand hosting service to prevent manual actions.

It’s also important to offer quality content. Weak or thin content alone can hurt your site’s rankings.

Devote time to unique and practical content, and never resort to autogenerated content.

If you are ever penalized for any reason, make the necessary changes and submit a reconsideration request.

It’s common to receive penalties, and you can pull yourself out of trouble.

Still, try to avoid it happening at all to the best of your ability.

More SEO Tips

This Google penalty check information should prove useful in preventing you from having a filtered or penalized website.

Keep this information in mind as you build your website and create content while incorporating effective SEO.

For more tips, visit the SEO section of our site.



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