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Top 6 WordPress Email Marketing Plugins in 2022

WordPress is one of the most advanced tools for website creation. It comes with several plugins and themes that help develop a user-friendly website for small businesses.

Email marketing is an excellent way to communicate with users.

Plugins make WordPress a more professional tool to use for your business. There are numerous plugins in the WordPress tool that help make emails more responsive and engaging. But many businessmen do not know how to use plugins in their emails. If you want the best WordPress plugins, choose WordPress Email Marketing Plugins.

Here are the Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins to Use in 2022

You can make emails more attractive by adding powerful plugins to WordPress. Let us take a look at some of the most effective plugins of the WordPress tool for email marketing.

1.   SendinBlue

SendInBlue is one of the best plugins for email marketing to create subscription forms. You can use this tool for articles, widget areas, pages, and emails. It includes a unique feature of a drag-and-drop email builder.

This plugin works easily with other plugins of email marketing. It makes it easy for users to view contacts and other options while drafting an email for your business. You can also manage your sales and purchases of your business with the SendInBlue tool.

2.   MailChimp

The next on the list is MailChimp. It is one of the most popular WordPress Email Marketing Plugins to create attractive emails. This tool makes your email professional by giving full integration and attaching add-ons.

MailChimp includes many facilities that help create a good user interface and signup forms. It also helps to create different types of forms. This tool includes a translation feature that can convert sentences into any language. It can work perfectly with many plugins and tools.

Additionally, the MailChimp tool makes mobile-friendly forms to attach to your business emails. These forms can open on any mobile phone.

3.   Ninja Kick

Ninja Kick is the latest WordPress email marketing plugin with cool features. It is developed especially for small businesses and new companies. Many inbuilt floating buttons in Ninja Kick make email marketing easier for small businesses.

Ninja Kick will boost your business sales through powerful email marketing. You can pick some nice layouts for email marketing in Ninja Kick. This tool can run smoothly with many other tools and email marketing services.

You can increase your subscriber list using the Ninja Kick tool. It also includes other features such as Google tracking, pre-made form layouts, and email marketing services.

4.   OptinMonster

If you want to create customized forms, choose the OptinMonster tool. It is a lightweight email marketing plugin that includes the feature of an open-in popup. You can choose any type of op-in type to create your form according to your requirement.

OptinMonster helps to get the maximum conversion. It also allows you to find email options with the help of notification bars, forms, and pop-ups. You can test your forms to know how they work on your website with the help of the A/B testing feature.

In addition to that, the tool is cost-effective for small businesses. It includes many plans with a risk-free money-back guarantee.

5.   HubSpot

The next on the list is HubSpot. It is one of the most effective WordPress Development Services that help grow your small-scale business. You can get many facilities in HubSpot such as live chat, free forms, CRM, email marketing, and so on.

Easy drag-and-drop feature to create amazing forms for your emails. It also helps to attach catboats and live chat options to your emails. You can engage with more customers using this plugin.

This plugin includes an extensive database that saves all the contacts. Moreover, this tool can be integrated with a wide range of email marketing tools.

6.   Newsletter

If you want to manage the task of email marketing easily, choose the Newsletter tool. A newsletter is one of the most useful WordPress Email Marketing Plugins for list building. It helps to send emails at once to all your business customers.

You can add subscribers to your website using this powerful plugin. This tool will also help you manage all your email marketing campaigns to run your small-scale businesses. There are many free add-ons in this tool for drafting professional emails.

Final Words

This is the list of all the best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins for making your emails more professional. These plugins are easy to install and use by anyone without technical knowledge.

These plugins come with many features to increase your business sales through email marketing. In addition, they also help to increase subscriber lists and organize your email marketing campaigns. These tools can easily run with several other services.

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