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What is warehouse management system? detail of Key features.

At this modern time everything available online we can buy any product any time anywhere in the world, even the buyer can return the product if they are not satisfied with the buying products.
to keep maintain the record and inventory of any business we required a warehouse management system software.

This software solution that provides visibility into your company’s entire inventory and manages supply chain performance from distribution centers to store shelves?

What warehouse management system do?

Warehouse management systems is a method to control ware house with all aspects internal and external system. and make sure to control effective ways.

A good warehouse management system is a key success of any retail business with the cover of all points.  
following are some points to manage warehouse system

  1. Arrange warehouse and its inventory effectively.
  2. Maintain the inventory inflow and outflow properly.
  3. Packing, dropping the orders properly.
  4. Keep maintain check and balance inventory of warehouse.
  5. Tracking the orders.

How to Arrange to warehouse?

Firs of all we should keep arrange everything in warehouse effectively and planed.

Here what do you think about.

  1. Ware house layout.
  2. Labelling of products in warehouse.
  3. Inventory arrangement in warehouse.
  4. Rearranging the inventory

Warehouse Layout.

All layout of warehouse depends upon the business nature, keep in the mind in general layout of warehouse.

  1. To provide the enough space to store the products.
  2. Facility to workers with enough space they can easily move and finish the work easily.

Having space area design with following points.

  • To Receiving new stock
  • Unpacking the stock.
  • Office of warehouse.
  • Main storage area.
  • Storage area to cover all dead stock.
  • Packing and shipping point.

It can be difficult if you have limited space to keep enough space before generating the layout of warehouse.

Labelling of product:

For effectively business you should label on product with the date location and quantity of product.

Buyer can track their orders via order number and product label also.

Inventory Arrangements in warehouse.

At this point after labeling the product of in warehouse,

How we will arrange the product in warehouse?

The answer is simple.

Keep closer to picking better selling products.

Research we conducted across 20 products retailers found that 60% of a company’s sales typically come from only 20% of their products.

This means you can significantly reduce your picker’s walk time by: Identify only 20% of products from your company’s past sales data; then store them as close to the packing office as possible.

Don’t afraid to rearrange products.

One final little point in this inventory management section is:

 Don’t be afraid to rearrange your inventory.

 Yes – this can take time and resources to implement and seems more complicated than it’s worth.

But an optimally organized warehouse can significantly save time and reduce the cost of managing your entire supply chain.

 Meanwhile, inefficiency can seriously effective the growth. So, evaluate regularly and, if necessary, reorganize or upgrade.


Your best seller in the summer can become your best seller in the winter and vice versa.

Or you sell more specific products on key retail days of the year. Or you’ve pushed some product up to a prestigious price point that may not sell very often.

 So, it makes sense to rearrange these products accordingly when the time comes – bring some closer to the packing office and others further away.

Types of warehouse management system?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps us manage all these activities. Warehouse management systems help organizations develop their competitive advantage. The use of WMS will reduce labor costs and thus improve customer service. The cloud-based

WMS will give us real-time data visibility, which will show inventory status.

If we have the internet, we will be able to watch it on our computer, phone, tablet, etc.


According to the 3PL Business there is 3 types of WMS.

3 PL Business stand for 3rd party logistics. 

Following types mentioned:

  1. Standalone Warehouse Management.
  2. Supply Chain Execution Modules.
  3. Third type is Integrated ERP.

Below are some pointers that you must consider while choosing the WMS.

Functions: Different WMS have different functions. Some WMSs are designed for specific types of businesses. Therefore, determine your needs and choose accordingly.

 Cost: After considering the functionalities of a WMS, cost is the second most important factor when choosing a WMS as it relates to budget. The cost of a WMS depends on its complexity or the features it provides.

 Customer Needs: If you are currently using WMS, you need to know its flaws.

 Based on this, you can identify the needs of your customers and choose the functions of the WMS so that you can provide the best service to your customers. This point is also related to the selection/review of WMS functions, but from the customer’s point of view.

 Warehouse Size: As the size of the warehouse increases, the complexity of the WMS will increase as the WMS will need to provide more functionality for larger warehouses. So, depending on the size of the warehouse, you will have to choose the functions. As such, this point is also related to the choice of function, but from the point of view of the warehouse.

Following are some best software house management system List:

  1. NetSuit
  2. Mobe3 WMS
  3. SphereWMS
  4. Infoplus
  5. Odoo
  6. SKU Vault
  7. IRM360
  8. Highjump
  9. BlueLink ERP
  10. cartoncloud


How we can choose warehouse management system?

Most businesses should start by determining what features they need in their system and how much they are willing to spend. They can then request more information from their suppliers on how they can effectively tailor the inventory management system to their business.

What are the WMS Activities?

In general, all retail warehouse operations revolve around receiving materials, picking products, preparing documents, and packing orders. A warehouse management system keeps track of all labor activities on site and makes it easy to understand.

Conclusion the article about the warehouse management software system, we recommend you cartconcloud WMS provides all the necessary features.

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