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What is SNGPC? Brief detail it Defunctions

It is suggested that the stock is sent out at the end of the day or on the weekend brea.

as it is suggested not to accomplish acquisitions as well as sales of medicines/supplies on that particular day.

The stock has to be according to your real physical supply for the day, as well as the transmission of the very first XML data of motion have to consist of as the begin day the day complying with the supply day educated in the approved supply.

Supply cannot be delivered on the exact same day as check out.

It is suggested that the stock be sent out at the end of the day, considering that the reported supply needs to represent the real supply of items (managed as well as antimicrobial) that the facility carries that day.

In sight of this, if any kind of motion happens on the educated stock day, it cannot be taped later on as well as have to be calculated to upgrade the educated supply.

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SNGPC functions

1. Exactly how to make the stock in SNGPC?

To accomplish the supply, the Technical Manager (RT) have to access the SNGPC with his email and also password, click” Sending item activities (xml)” on the web link: sngpc/drogarias, search and also connect the supply documents as well as send it to SNGPC.

Facilities that give both industrialized as well as adjusted items (inputs) of antimicrobial as well as regulated medications should go into whatever in the supply prior to sending it or sending it from the facility’s inner system.

The inputs are signed up in the SNGPC with the DCB (Brazilian typical religion) as well as the amount in grams.

2. Additional information regarding XML Criterion

Will the addition of information in the first supply as well as motions of departures and also access be done by inputting or will they be accomplished by data produced by the facility’s software program adjusted to the XML criterion?

Both the motion of inputs and also outcomes of medicines/inputs and also the stock should be sent out via an XML data .

(framework as well as expansion) to Anvisa, using web, as established by the regulation active.

With the brand-new variation of the SNGPC, the verification of the stock will certainly be done by sending out an “XML-inventory” data, educating the physical supply of medications describing the day equivalent to or above the conclusion of the old stock.

3. Can I send out input as well as medicine information in various XML documents?

Not. All digital transmission of information on medications as well as inputs should be performed in a distinct means.

that is, the motion information (input as well as result) have to be consisted of in the very same XML documents, describing the duration taken into consideration as well as valuing the duration of a minimum of 1 (one) day as well as, at many, 7 (7) successive days.

It also there are no motions in as well as out of inputs and/or medications in the duration. This referral likewise puts on sending out the first supply, if the pharmaceutical facility offers medications as well as inputs.

4. What to do when you have concerns concerning the medication enrollment number?

The Technical Responsible Pharmacist need to execute the complying with activities:

1 – Gain access to the adhering to address:

2 – Get in the enrollment number or brand name of the item or name of the energetic component as well as click get in touch with;

3- Click the name of the medicine; and also

4 – Seek advice from the enrollment number, which need to be 13 numbers long, according to the industrial discussion.

5. I require to fetch my stock, just how do I do that?

6. Just how to send out an XML documents?

XML documents of motion and also stock can be sent out in 2 methods, particularly:

1. Via the SNGPC digital web page, in the alternative “Sending item motions (xml)”, in the web link:; as well as

2. With the firm’s software program that permits the straight sending out of an XML documents, based on what was developed by the software program designer. We highlight that in this instance, every single time the XML documents is sent out, the RT login and also password have to show up to wage the sending out.

7. Can I send out empty XML data?

Yes, yet just in the complying with situations: I) when the RT returns from the duration of lack from the facility as well as there is no entrance or departure of antimicrobials; as well as II) when there is no activity in and also out of medicines/inputs.

8. Can there be systematized transmission of XML documents in a drug store and/or pharmacy network?

Yes, as long as the Technical Manager of the pharmacy/drugstore with the “sngpc-company” account transfers the XML submits representing their facility and also gave that the accounting is performed separately in each pharmaceutical facility coming from the network.

9. What should be the appropriate durations for sending out XML documents?

In order to send out XML data having the entrance and also departure motions of medicines/pharmaceutical active ingredients, it is essential to observe the complying with elements:

– 1st sending out after approval of the stock:

The initial XML data of motion have to have the beginning day of the day complying with the supply day reported in the approved supply;

– 2nd entry onwards:

It will certainly rely on the last day of the duration sent out by the last approved XML documents. After that, the sending out of XML data should comply with consecutive days.


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