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What Famoid free followers? How we can use it?


Famoid free followers is a web-based application that grants its user free and paid likes, comments, and followers for their Instagram profiles.

This app was founded in 2017 to benefit Instagram users to boost their post reachability without charging a single penny from them.  

Famoid App also benefits its user to enhance their other social media profiles (YouTube and Facebook).

There are many free other social apps that permit its users the same services as Famoid free followers App does but these apps take 1-2 days for new orders to proceed.

Famoid free follower’s app permits its users to get free likes, comments, and followers in less than half an hour. This app takes 3-4 hours to proceed new order.

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How does it cost?

Famoid free followers App awarded limited likes or followers to its users when they are approaching via the free feature of this app.

Users can get an unlimited number of likes or followers on their Instagram profiles by selecting the paid feature of this app.

The paid packages started at 5.95$ and ends up at 299.95$. Prices are different for the “likes” or “followers” considering the user’s desire.

Prices of likes on the Famoid free followers’ App start from 2.95$ and ends up at 168.95$. Similarly, for video views, it started from 2.95$ and lasted for 99.95$.

There is the option of automatic likes on Famoid free followers App paid feature that starts from 79.95$ and ends up on 399.95$.

Users can get 250 followers for only 5$ and 25000 Instagram followers by paying 299.95$.

Famoid free followers customer support

Famoid free followers App provides 24/7 customer support to its users.

Its services are only available for the paid feature but it also responds for the free features although takes time. Its customer support is top-notch as compared to other social apps that take too much time to respond to the customer’s queries.

Users guide

  • Users need to search Famoid free followers on Google to get benefits from its paid or free services.
  • Provide the username and Email address to proceed further and click on the below option “I accept”.

Fill the CAPTCHA and press “Get free followers”.

Now, wait for 2 minutes until your order is ready to deliver.

After 2 minutes,  you would get the display of 25 free Instagram followers. To proceed further, click on the option.

  • Users need to verify the Email sent by the Famoid free followers app on your given E-mail address.
  • Click on the option of “Verify” and the user would get 25 followers on their account.
  • Users can get unlimited likes, views, or followers on their Instagram profiles by using its Paid feature.


File formatAPK file
File sizeN/A
Developed byFamoid.Com
Founded year2017

Advantages & Disadvantages

Free and paid both options are availableFollowers may unfollow at any time
Require just username, not required passwordAds and promotion
Provide Followers from real working IDsProcessing time is 20-30 minutes
No compromise on user’s data Apps get down when the server is too busy
Spam free and 100% authenticAccessible for Android versions only
Free 25 likes for each new accountOnly available in the English language
No third party involvementApp not made for IOS users

Is it legit or not?

Famoid free followers App is an authentic and spam-free app that allows its users to boost their social media profiles by using its free or paid features.

This app has a secure setup and has no hidden charges, unlike other social apps.

One of the key features of this app it doesn’t require users’ passwords to proceed with the order. Users just need to provide a username and email to get the desired result.

For paid features of this app, users can proceed with the order and can pay by using the Paypal app that witnesses that it’s a secure platform.

Alternatives to Famoid Free Followers App

There are many social apps that are paid or free providing the likes, comments, views, and followers to their users to boost their social media profiles.

The primary objective of such sort of apps is to enhance the audience reach of their users. These apps are Zefoy, Free get followers, Pikdo,, My tools town, popular up, Nakrutka,  IGbest, etc.

Final Verdict

Famoid free followers App has made it easy for many social media users to enhance their profiles by using its free and paid services.

This app grants free/paid likes, followers, and views to its users on their social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube).

Famoid App eradicates the concept of using money to increase post reachability or social media engagements.

This app’s primary features make it unique among other apps; this app does not require a password of the user to grant them free likes or followers. There are many other features that are associated with this app to make it worthy among its rivals.



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