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Snapchat Planets Order: An Inside Look at the Latest Features

Snapchat Planets Order is the latest feature added to Snapchat Plus, which has the whole Generation Z hooked up with it.

Without a doubt, Snapchat is one of the most popular socializing applications, and nowadays, almost everyone uses it. But what is the Planet’s feature, and what does it mean exactly in terms of friendship or friend’s circle?

The Snapchat Planets Order works much like the rules and order of our solar system. As the planets revolve around the Sun, Snapchat assigns a specific planet to each friend. It’s a feature that’s included in Snapchat Plus that is included with the paid subscription.

To explain the details of every Snapchat Planets Order, we have written a detailed guide that will comprehensively explain to you how these planets work. We will discuss the name of each Planet’s name and how Snapchat views your friends by presenting a visual representation of them.

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What is the Snapchat Planets Order and Solar System?

In our Solar System, 8 planets revolve around the Sun, and they all have a specific position in the orbit of the Sun.

Snapchat’s Solar System works similarly, but instead of planets, it denotes your closest friends, and instead of Sun it denotes you as the center of gravitational pull.

Just like each Planet is placed in a specific orbital circle around the Sun, your 8 closest friends are also placed based on their streaks, chats, or activities that you perform with them. Hence how close you are to your friends will be the distance. For example, your Super BFF (Super Best Friend) will be placed in the closest circle, and the Best Friend will be explained next to it, and so on.

Snapchat Planets Order and Meanings Explained

Now that we have understood how the Snapchat Planets Order works let’s talk about each Planet and how it corresponds to the circle of friends that’s the closest one to you.


Mercury is known to be the first Planet of Snapchat, and it will denote your first best friend in the closest circle. The Mercury planet is denoted by 5 red hearts surrounding it.

The color of these hearts will be red, which generally denotes the Best Friend in the heart book hierarchy of Snapchat.


According to Snapchat’s Solar System, Venus comes on the second number, and it obviously denotes your second-best friend in the closest circle. This Planet has a mild pale and yellowish color, or we can say a light-brown shade, that makes it unique from others. Yet again, this one is surrounded by 5 hearts, but the color of these hearts would be 2 yellow, 2 pink, and 1 blue colored heart.


We all consider planet Earth as our home, and surely it is closest to our actual hearts. But in the Snapchat Solar System, Planet Earth falls under the 3rd position, which denotes your third best friend in the list. This Planet needs no introduction in terms of identity, and it also comes with the moon that we see in the sky. In addition to that, it has 4 red hearts and 3 yellowish stars around it to give a more realistic image.


Planet Mars is probably the next most under-discussion Planet in our Solar System after Planet Earth. Hence Snapchat placed this one right after the Earth as the fourth one in its Solar System. Yet again, this Planet is pretty easy to identify due to its bright red color. However, to distinguish it from the Mercury, you can identify it with the 2 purple hearts, 1 blue heart, and 5 different colored stars around it.


Jupiter is the largest Planet in our solar system, and by far, it has gone pretty far from the Sun in the actual Solar System and Snapchat’s Solar System. This Planet denotes your 5th closest friend in the Solar System with its Reddish-orange colored planet. Surprisingly this Planet does not have any hearts around it but only features 7 different colored stars.


The most fascinating Planet of our Solar System is Saturn, which is covered in a ring of its own moons in thousands. Even though it symbolizes a large circumference, it is not the largest Planet in the Solar System. In Snapchat’s Solar System, this Planet has the same type of representation 5 stars of different colors around it.


The Seventh Planet in the Solar System of Snapchat is Uranus which is by far a pretty uniquely presented greenish-colored one. This Planet is pretty far in the actual Solar System, and it denotes your second-last closest friend on Snapchat. Since it does not have that much importance, there are no hearts, and the number of stars even drops to a lower level with only 6 small ones surrounding it.


Last but not least, one on our list is the Planet Neptune. In the actual Solar System, this Planet is pretty far in the farthest circle, and hence it holds the last place in the Snapchat Planets Order too. Even though it denotes your eighth best friend on the list, this Planet does not lack looks. The violet and purple colored Planet is surrounded by magnificent-looking light blue stars.

How to Get Snapchat Planets Order for Your Account?

Getting the Snapchat Planets Order for your account is very easy. However, you have to subscribe to Snapchat Plus in order to do that. The good thing is that you can see the preview of this feature in the trial period of Snapchat Plus.

Here’s how you can get a Snapchat Planets Order:

  • First of all, open your Snapchat application and go to your profile.
  • After that, you have to scroll down to the settings option. That is because the premium version would be subscribed from here.
  • Once you have opened the settings, scroll down and look for the “Snapchat Plus” option.
  • Here, you can subscribe to the Plus version of Snapchat.

You will also get other premium features of Snapchat once you subscribe to this service.  


Snapchat Planets Order pretty much explains how your friend circle is but in a presentation like an actual Solar System. It’s a cool and interactive way of presenting how close you are to your friends.

The presentation features Bitmoji on each Planet, so it becomes a lot easier for you to distinguish which friends hold which position in your circle. However, to enjoy this feature, you must get a paid subscription to Snapchat Plus, which works for all platforms, including Android and iOS.


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