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Pros and Cons of Promoting a Business on TikTok

TikTok offers a distinctive and imaginative channel for sharing material as a blogger or brand. By highlighting product use cases and providing stories about their products and ideal customers, brands can increase awareness of their products.

They may also instantly join and follow trends on TikTok to produce exciting content.

The desire of younger generations to feel more connected to and understood by a brand is well known. This is an excellent method to deepen that connection.

In an identical vein, bloggers can use TikTok as an additional extension of their brands.

Similar to Instagram, TikTok doesn’t usually drive a lot of traffic, but if you have a video go viral and get a lot of views, you may anticipate your link in your bio to get a little more attention.

Even so, it can still be a terrific way to highlight the information you create for your blog or other social media platforms. Alternatively, you might increase sales by changing the link to the affiliate products you are promoting on your profile.

TikTok’s benefits and drawbacks

Of course, there are issues with the software and concerns about its efficacy. Here is a summary of the current benefits and drawbacks of the social networking site TikTok:

Pros of TikTok

Promoting a Business on TikTok

1. More audience

There are more active users, so you can get in before the market becomes crowded.

TikTok is seeing unprecedented growth. Therefore, now is a great time for you to join. For instance, according to eMarketer, there were 27 million US users of TikTok in October 2019. By March 2020, there will be 52 million US subscribers, according to data.

The app continually expands, and many people are still learning about it. Get started to increase your audience before it becomes overwhelmingly crowded (think pre-2016 Instagram). If you enter the market now rather than waiting two years, your chances of success are much higher.

2. Innovative audience participation

It has never been simpler to become viral. The TikTok algorithm aids users in finding fresh content that appeals to them. It doesn’t provide content recommendations based on follower levels or a track record of popular videos. Instead, it suggests videos via the ForYou Page based on how users interact with the app.

This means that everyone, even brand-new users, has an equal chance of going viral, which makes TikTok’s algorithm excellent for new brands and content producers to get more tiktok views, likes, and followers.

3. Fun, speedy, and spontaneous.

In contrast to Instagram, where there is pressure to create “perfect” photographs and videos and adhere to a certain aesthetic, TikTok provides a welcome dose of random, unpolished videos. Just experiment with the app for a little while before joining!

It would help if you started with videos between 8 and 15 seconds long. Starting with shorter movies in this range increases the likelihood that users will watch them and not scroll through, as average watch duration is one of the most crucial elements influencing how your videos are distributed.

It also feels less frightening when you only have to develop something 10 seconds long.
You’ll discover that the app has many filters and effects that you can use to give your videos a little something extra as you get more familiar with it. Of course, you can also keep an eye on the app’s viral challenges and trends. Don’t worry. Some of them are simple to follow.

4. Viral potential

TikTok offers the “easiest” chance out of all the social media channels to see a viral post go You can go live viral. The word “easiest” qualifies because it doesn’t imply that you can quickly put up a subpar video with no hook or plot. No matter the platform, destructive or dull content will still be bad or boring.

However, if you take the time to make something unique that grabs your audience’s attention, your videos might reach 100K+ views even if you only have a few hundred followers.

Because TikTok analyses signals like total watch time, shares, comments, likes, and follows on the “for you” page, which hosts nearly every video that is added to the app, this is possible.

You can go live on your account once you have 1000 followers. This may be yet another effective strategy for engaging your readers. A nutrition writer might provide an open-ended Q&A session, while a fitness coach might be able to do a live workout. Or a food company might give a “behind-the-scenes” look at their corporate offices while also fielding queries.

5. Adapt videos for use on different platforms.

You can frequently transfer the movies you make on TikTok to other sites. It works incredibly well for Instagram stories and Pinterest because it is vertical.

However, remember that copyright restrictions can prevent you from using the selected music on other sites. Particularly on Pinterest, it’s a fantastic method to post sponsored TikTok content to reach a new audience and increase impressions.


1. Young age group.

Most users of TikTok are young people. 41% of TikTok users, according to statistics, are between the ages of 16 and 24. Depending on your brand/blog and marketing plan, that may be a pro or a drawback. However, bear in mind two crucial details regarding this:

how to Promoting a Business on TikTok

This does not imply that they are not interested in your stuff just because you don’t believe they would be. Even though I’m a relatively dull 35-year-old, I’ve been astonished by the number of young adults who have linked with me on TikTok.

Even if the younger age is optional to your marketing strategy, there is a rising section of moms in their 30s to 40s on TikTok. Many mothers have used TikTok.

2. Occasionally offensive content

Compared to Instagram or Facebook, where things are usually taken down reasonably fast if they break guidelines, TikTok is more susceptible to objectionable content.

Although TikTok has an AI filter that detects overtly violent or sexual content, other more subtle categories may still make it past this filter and remain on the app until a human reviewer removes it. For instance, a few incidents of pro-anorexia or pedophile “grooming” content recently made the press before being removed from the app.

3. Previous censorship

Early in 2020, internal policy documents that instructed moderators to remove content created by users it deemed “ugly, poor, or disabled” were leaked, which led to criticism of the app. According to some of the recommendations, videos with “abnormal body form or using harsh language.

These documents, according to TikTok, were created in an early effort to stop bullying but were subsequently retired, and some were never used. None of the policies are being applied as of late 2019. However, the fact that such documents exist shows a fundamental fault in TikTok’s design and might be reason enough for you to stop using it.

4. Salty remarks.

 TikTok appears to have a far bigger problem with harsh remarks than other social media sites. This is probably because there is even greater anonymity (many users create a random username with no profile photo). The good news is that all engagement is theoretically beneficial and contributes to your content’s algorithmic success. When someone says anything nasty, try to let it roll off your shoulders or retort with humor.

5. The danger to security.

Let’s finally talk about the issue that the media never stops bringing up: the possibility that TikTok risks national security. In addition to various government officials calling for an outright ban of the app in the US, the military has forbidden TikTok on mobile devices.


On TikTok, consistency is critical. If you want to see that platform’s tremendous growth, publishing “now and then” won’t cut it. The more stuff you provide, the more probable it is that someone will find your page and follow you.


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