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Are you one of those folks who love listening to the 1970s music? Well, get ready to test your music knowledge with Heardle 70s. This is an online music genre game that lets you test your music memory of the year 1970s.

A perfect platform to bring back the nostalgia, It provides you with a song each day that you have to guess just by listening to its snippets.

What Heardle’s 70s is?

Heardle 70s is one of the many versions of Heardle game. It is an online music game whose main objective is to guess a song from the 70s era by hearing just a little part of it. Sounds interesting, right? It is interesting but difficult as well. That is because there is a window of only a few seconds where you have to listen to the music and guess what song it is.

Heardle 70s

Since it is an online game, you can access it anytime from anywhere. It covers a wide genre of songs also. Rock, hip-hop, disco hits, you name it. It is a kind of digital puzzle game where you have to dig deep in your memory and see if you know the song that’s just been played in the game or if you need to gain a little more knowledge about the 70s music.

Some of the most elegant songs were produced in the year of 1970s. Songs like Stairway to Heaven and Sweet Home Alabama still stay alive in the hearts of many.

How to Access Heardle 70s?

Heardle 70s

Now that you have understood completely what Heardle 70s actually is, you might want to know how you can access this amazing game. Well, it’s pretty simple. Follow these steps to access the game.

Step – 1:

First of all, you have to go to your Internet browser and open a search engine.

Step – 2:

Once you are on the search engine, search for these exact keywords: “Play Heardle 70s” and hit the search button.

Step – 3:

Once you do so, the search engine will take you to various search results where you have to click on the first one (or the one with the website

Step – 4:

Once you do so, you will have successfully reached the official platform of Heardle.

It’s as simple as that. Now, allow us to break it down to you how you can actually play this game.

How Does Heardle 70s Work?

Heardle 70s

Playing Heardle 70s is really easy. Here’s you this game works:

  • The homepage of Heardle 70s has a “music play” button, a series of blocks that display the number of skipped seconds, and a box where you have to put in the song/artist name and submit it once you have guessed it. Here’s how the homepage looks like:
  • Once you have navigated and understood the homepage of Heardle 70s, hit the “play” button to start the snippet of the song.
  • The song will play for one second, and if you have extremely high knowledge and successfully guessed the song name, just type the name in the box and submit it.
  • However, if you need to listen to the song a little more to be able to guess the right answer, just hit the “skip” button to play the song for a few more seconds. Adding more seconds to the playback runs out after 6 turns so make sure to use them wisely. The bars show the skipped and remaining turns (as shown in the image below.)
  • If you guess the song name right, you will get appreciation from the platform. If you fail to guess the song, there’s always a next time.

Keep in mind that this is only a light-hearted game that brings back nostalgia for the 1970s. You can have fun guessing songs and play the ones that you couldn’t guess right or never heard before. You can listen to these daily songs on SoundCloud by clicking the icon next to the song.

Tips for Playing Better:

Heardle 70s

No matter how good your music knowledge of the 70s era is, you might want to follow the below-listed tips to increase your chances of guessing the song right every time you play this amazing game:

  • Do not rush in and skip the song after listening to it for the first time. Give it time. Listen to it carefully before you go skip seconds.
  • You can take the help of your friends or family members to help you guess the song.
  • There are many tools available online these days that can help you recognize a song by listening to only a small part of it. You can try these tools to guess the song.

The important thing, however, is that make sure to enjoy this game. It is not about guessing the song right. It is about bringing back the music nostalgia of the 70s to feel better.


Heardle 70s is a free online music genre game where you have to predict the song by listening to a small part of it. It provides a unique song every day that you have to guess to test your music knowledge of the 1970s.

You have to play the song for a few seconds and type the name of it in the box given on the homepage. You can skip a few seconds if you fail to guess the song right. Be careful, though. You can only skip 6 times.


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