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How to Write a Company Description for Your Business

It’s crucial to grab visitors’ attention when they visit your site or social media platform. You want your company profile to be compelling enough that visitors will stick around and want to learn more about your business.

Your “About page,” as well as your company profile on other sites, will stand out if you have a concise and appealing biography that demonstrates how your business can meet your target market’s needs.

Visitors may be turned off by a bland statement that doesn’t reflect the personality of your company culture. A substandard biography can make it difficult for your business to be noticed.

On the other hand, a winning summary puts the most important things first. It also keeps these highlights short while emphasizing credibility and the best aspects of your company.

Each business is unique and your biography will be different depending on the market. You can write one paragraph or many bullet points that highlight your most important products and services. This should be kept to around 200 words for new businesses. It can be expanded upon as your company grows. Avoid exaggerations and flattery. This will turn prospects and visitors away.

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One way to learn how to write appropriate bios for your business is to research what other companies use. For example, if you’re in the financial services industry, you may want to review a financial company bio like this.

These are four ways a well-written bio can help you get noticed:

1. Third-person format – It’s usually best to use the third-person when writing a bio (Use “company name,” “it,” etc., and not “we”). For example, use “Purdue Financial is a boutique firm that provides financial advice and planning services” and “we provide.” People will be interested in when your company was founded and, if you are a newer business, your years of experience prior to the launch. It is important to keep your message concise and to the point. Use facts that will grab attention to make your company more appealing.

2. Concentrate on the most significant achievements. While recognition and awards are important, your business should focus on what’s most relevant to your potential clients. Don’t just list all your awards in chronological order. Instead, highlight the meaningful ones and try to relate them to your company and services. Also try not to sound too promotional or “braggy” when writing about these achievements. 

3. Don’t be afraid to be personal. Don’t be too stiff and formal. Show off your company’s culture as you write, and be relatable. You can include testimonials and anything that is funny, unique, or touching, so long as they make sense to do so.

4. Announce recent news and upcoming events. Your company bio shouldn’t be static. Refresh your bio by adding a few lines about recent company news and events. Just make sure that you update this content — you don’t want visitors in 2022 reading about an old event from 2018. 

Finally, ask an impartial associate to review and edit your bio before posting. Ask them to be frank, and to tell you if anything in the bio sounds too promotional or boring. It’s well worth the effort to create a strong company profile that concisely tells potential clients what you are, what you do and why they should employ your services or buy your products. 


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