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How to choose a logo color?

A logo is a picture with text that performs an advertising and informational function. Used by companies, sports teams, and events to attract the attention of customers, and visitors.

The success of the project depends on the logo color by a certain percentage, it is worth devoting time and effort to creating a quality product.

The picture includes a background, a symbol in the form of a geometric figure, a historical or cultural landmark, or an animal or a plant.

The text is the company name, company abbreviation, and slogan.

A good logo should be bright, memorable, and simple. One of the most important characteristics of a logo is the colors used. Let’s consider this issue in more detail.

Color meanings

Each color has its own special meaning:

white personifies purity, innocence, neutrality, and perfection, perfect as a logo background for a wedding dress and other accessories store, law office;

black, which means steadfastness, steadfastness, and conservatism, is used quite rarely, relevant for ritual agencies;

logo color

yellow, optimistic, energetic, and cheerful, will look great on the logo of a flower shop, an institution selling sweets, a bank, or a catering point;

red, freedom-loving, and somewhat aggressive, suitable for sports shops;

green, peaceful, calm, and measured, usually the color is used in the logos of garden shops, waste recycling companies, and environmental societies;

blue or blue, harmonious, faithful, trusting, and serene, they love to use it in the logos of airlines, beauty salons, bookstores;

brown and beige, stable and cozy, great for hardware stores, establishments selling products for home decoration;

purple, luxurious, rich, purposeful, and suitable for brokerage and investment companies;

gray, modest, and simple, but at the same time resistant and reliable, actively used by clothing and footwear stores;

emerald, prosperous, prosperous, and consistent, suitable for technology companies, for example, the production of electric cars or the development of an automatic piloting system.

It should be borne in mind that when two or more colors are combined, the value can change directly to the opposite.

How to choose a logo color.

The standard selection sequence is as follows:

1. Gathering a team of people of different gender, ages, levels of education, and incomes for brainstorming, you need to take an object and write out a list of associations;

2. Comparison of associations and color schemes;

3. Creation of several logos with different color schemes, it is recommended to use digital tools for drawing, for example, a resource called Turbologo, which is distinguished by multiple functionalities, a simple interface, and, as a result, no need for lengthy training;

4. Printing logos on a color printer and conducting a sociological study on a city street, you can also conduct a survey on the Internet, you need to get answers to the questions – what associations do colors evoke in you, do you like the picture;

5. Making the final decision, do not be afraid to adjust the colors if necessary, first of all, you should like the logo.

In addition to the background color and symbol on the logo, consider the best lettering color schemes. It doesn’t have to be black. You can make it purple or brown.

Try changing the colors, perhaps the logo will look more stylish and extravagant.

The logo should be simple, the human brain hardly remembers more than 5 elements, so you should not overload the product. 2-3 colors per is enough.


The logo plays an important role in the development and success of the company. A good logo differs from a bad product in its brightness, memorability, simplicity, and informativeness, all this partly depends on the colors used.

It is necessary to choose colors in accordance with mental personification. It should be borne in mind that the arrangement of colors can change the semantic load to the opposite.

To draw logos, it is optimal to use the Turbologo resource. With it, you can change the colors of the background, symbol, and inscription with one click, there are a huge number of colors in the catalog.


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