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Modern glasses styles to look trendy in 2021/22

Get ready to add some shine to your personality. With modern glasses styles in 2021, you can change your look without making your wallets cry.

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Glasses are the best accessory to bring your whole look together and shape people’s perception of you. Different frame styles work differently for your personality. While some make you look smart, others make you come across as fun and outgoing.

But, whatever look you’re going for in 2021, do it while keeping up with the latest eyewear trends. We’ve pulled together a list of the trendiest eyewear styles in 2021 that you’ll also be seeing everywhere in 2022.

So, get ahead of the curve and welcome the following additions to your wardrobe.

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Thin metallic frames

Managing to catch attention while still being utterly simple and subtle is the USP of metal glasses. The elegance of these frames lends a sophisticated vibe to your look while keeping things lowkey.

Available in rich and luxurious silver or golden hues, both warm and cool skin tones could use wear these glasses. When you get them in a round silhouette, they will give a vintage vibe while rectangle and oval frame shapes will make you look intellectual. Cat-eye glasses in thin metal rims look elegant and sexy at the same time.

The best part about this minimalistic eyewear design is that it suits every personality and outfit. Due to a lack of bold appearance, these glasses blend well with all your looks while bringing a touch of brightness to your everyday look. 

Thick square glasses

Square glasses are popular again. Whether you get them in pretty florals, basic neutrals or funky graphics, you’ll be looking every but stylish and fashion-forward.

If you fancy a little retro edge, go for oversized square glasses reminiscent of the style people used to wear in the 70s. Make a bold fashion statement with your all-black chunky square frames.

The modern frame materials will give a contemporary twist to this conventional style making you look modern classic. To flaunt your interesting personality, let go of the neutrals and try out vibrant colours for your square frames.

Square glasses could be professional as well if the frame is not too large and has some curves as well. If you have a round face shape, this is the perfect eyewear style for you to hide your curves and use bold angles.

Transparent glasses

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A hard to resist trend in eyewear, transparent glasses are all that’s relevant and fashionable these days. Forget the dark and vibrant colours, these glasses are taking all the limelight with their captivating and subtle charm.

From petite to chunky silhouettes, the frame shapes in transparent glasses have a wide range. As these glasses are almost colourless, the no-fuss look is perfect for cool minimalists.

They would blend with all your clothes and add a hint of class to all your avatars. But, make sure that you wear light outfits to let your transparent frame shine through.

Wooden glasses

Constructed with natural wood and designed with metal and acetate, wooden glasses are extremely trendy these days. And the situation will remain the same in the upcoming year as well.

Channelling the captivating aesthetics of raw wood, this trend captures everything organic and unfinished. Those who appreciate simplicity in their accessories will find wooden glasses in great taste. Swap out bright and colourful frames for unprocessed material sourced from mother nature.

As these glasses don’t need extensive processing, they are eco-friendly and consume less energy. You can find these glasses in various shapes when you buy them online. If you’re a designer or have a creative soul, these glasses are for you. While they haven’t become a part of mainstream fashion yet, people just can’t get enough of their soothing aesthetics.

Geometric glasses

Another quirky eyewear trend, geometric glasses are all about keeping it fun and funky. Having beautiful angles and lines, geometric frames give a fresh appeal to your look. So, if you’re trying to catch a break from your regular look, these are the glasses for you.

Since the unconventional eyewear design captured attention, geometric glasses will help you strike up a conversation with people. If you want to create a bold look, go for chunky geometric glasses made from acetate. But, if you want to play on the safer side, then thin metal rim glasses are to your rescue.

These were all the glasses trends for 2021 that will make their presence felt in 2022 as well. While it’s great to have a trendy accessory, some people like to invest in timeless fashion pieces. If you are the latter type, then make sure to give round glasses a try. You’ll get a hip look and don’t have to look up to trends to wear your glasses.


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