How to replace a cracked laptop screen

Broken screens can render a laptop useless. It’s possible to fix it. Bill Detwiler explains how to replace a laptop’s LCD panel. You can repair a Broken LCD with the right tools and some technical knowledge. This is a great idea!

You can’t fix accidental damage that is covered by your laptop’s warranty. Repair the laptop under warranty

You might also want to watch my previous video about what you need to know before fixing a tablet or Smartphone. Although it’s not about Wholesale Laptop LCD Screen specifically, the information is still pertinent and will help you decide whether to take the device to a repair shop or fix it yourself.

You must remember that you are responsible for your actions if you follow these instructions. CNET and its representatives cannot be held responsible if data is lost, damaged, or injures.

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Get a replacement screen and tools

You will need some basic tools and a new LCD screen to get started. A set of screwdrivers with small bits such as a Phillips #00 or Torn T5 is a good choice.

You should also have a few small metal blades and plastic spiders. These can be used to remove trim around the screen. The replacement LCD can be purchased from either the authorized parts dealer of the laptop manufacturer or a third-party supplier.

They can cost anywhere from $50 to $250 depending on the model. You might pay more if it is a premium display or an OEM replacement.

You will need to purchase a replacement screen that matches the broken one. This can only be done by removing the damaged one.

Take out the screen bezel

Carefully examine the bezel surrounding the screen after you have disconnected the power supply and removed the battery. To access the screws holding the LCD panel in its place, you will need to remove the bezel.

Take out the damaged LCD panel

The mounting brackets for the LCD can be removed from the lid by removing the screws. Place the LCD on its side and then disconnect the cable.

Two cables will be required if your laptop is older than 2010 and has an LCD with fluorescent backlights. This is because it’s an LED-backlit LCD. It only has one.

Install the new LCD panel

When your new screen arrives, take it out and match it with the old one.

You are ready to mount the screen if the dimensions, mounting brackets and connector match. Attach the new panel to your cable. Position the panel inside the lid and attach it with the appropriate screws.

Reinstall the bezel and test the new LCD panel

It’s a good idea test the new panel before you attach the bezel. Turn the machine on, and reconnect the power cable and battery. If the display turns on, you can reconnect the battery and power cable. This completes the repair.

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